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Aline's Fashion, the Made in France fashion without cruelty and labelled Fur Free Retailer

Aline's Fashion, the Made in France fashion without cruelty and labelled Fur Free Retailer

Mis à jour le 19 June 2019

Aline Nivesse is a fashion designer from the Lille region. Committed to ethical fashion since a long time now, she obtained the label Fur Free Retailer, managed in France by One Voice. Aline's Fashion is the requirement for a humane fashion, fake fur, worked with grace and modernity.
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How long have you been working in Fashion?

Always. I studied at ESMOD, I'm part of the 2009 promotion. I founded the brand 7 years ago and specialized in fake fur.

The animal cause is important to me, so I'm against real fur. During my studies I made a project, on drawing, in fake fur. The Principal of the school saw only the project in real life, and told me that it would be cheap, ugly, etc. I contacted a supplier who provided me with a very good quality fake fur. I found my first supplier at that time. The fake fur was shiny, soft, warm... Now I have several, most from England and one in France. The quality is always there!

The Principal of the school admitted that the result was right. I am not sure he has changed his mind though, unfortunately, but my personal conviction has only been reinforced.

I created the company mostly around accessories. At first for pets only, then I diversified. At present, I mainly create and produce accessories for women and also clothes.

Why did you ask to have the "Fur Free Retailer" label?

To reassure customers. Even if it's written, the label adds security, quality control. It's not self-proclaimed. Like the "organic" or "not tested on animals". It's controlled, that's for sure. In addition, I knew One Voice from the beginning, I have been a donor since I was eight! I had received on this occasion a handwritten letter from Muriel Arnal to thank me, and I still have it!

I sell my products online, and I send a satisfaction questionnaire. I ask, are you sensitive to the animal cause and fake fur? A quarter makes no difference, but 3/4 are sensitive to the fact. Many people think it's forbidden, yet it's not! At the shows, many people tell me they are against fur, but have a real fur collar on their winter jacket. At Christmas time, it's been obvious for several years. There is a real problem of labelling and information. That's why this label is so important to me, to provide an additional guarantee to my customers, while raising awareness.

What accessories and clothes do you sell? And those who like it the most?

The collar "snood": a neck tube that passes over the head, or its larger version that rises over the head like a hood, the hat, the sleeve for a touch of class and retro style. Capes and ponchos, also work very well. Long vests are in production for the next collection. In addition to keychains and other small accessories that I have always been selling.

In salons, I see the differences in clientele, depending on the income of people, their ethics are not the same vis-à-vis animals raised for their fur. The higher the income, the less it hinders wearing of real fur. It is absolutely necessary to carry out a very deep awareness into the layers of society. Because fake fur is really crazy quality, it is sometimes softer than the real thing!

I have imitation rabbit, mink, and other pieces that are totally forbidden if real, like the lynx, or the snow leopard that people could not find elsewhere! The others are colourful, which allows a variety of tones are very pleasant to work with and wear.

To discover Aline's Fashion, do not hesitate to consult the One Voice labels website!

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