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Act now for a fur free Europe

Act now for a fur free Europe

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Fur farm animals are subjected to intense confinement, arranged in rows in small cages. They suffer from self-mutilation, infected wounds, missing limbs, and cannibalism. Breeding animals for fur goes against the most basic concept of animal welfare.

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The European Citizens’ Initiative “Fur Free Europe” is asking the EU to:

  • Ban fur farms
  • Ban products from fur farms on the European market

Be an active part of this historic event! Act now by signing your name on the Initiative (at the bottom of the page). It is not just a simple petition. Once we have reached 1 million valid signatures, the European Commission will have to react and take action.

Why ban fur farming and products from fur farms?


The complex behavioural needs of wild animal species, such as foxes and mink, that are bred for their fur, are unable to be fulfilled on fur farms. Shutting animals inside small cages only to kill them, or primarily, so that the value of their fur will also no longer be legal, as is the case for domestic species such as rabbits and chinchillas. Breeding animals for fur is immoral, no matter where it takes place, and that is why we are also asking for a ban on the sale of fur that comes from intensive fur production.


Fur farms present a risk to animal and human health. During the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of mink farms were affected by coronavirus outbreaks, and we discovered that animals had transmitted new variants of the virus, SARS-CoV-2, to humans.


Fur farming introduces a significant environmental impact and poses a serious threat to native biodiversity. Since it escaped breeding farms, the American mink is present all over the European Union and has led to significant damage to native European wildlife. The treatment and dying of fur requires the use of toxic chemical products. The treatment and dying of furs is among the five most polluting industries in terms of soil pollution by toxic metals.

Why now?

Fur farming and its by-products should belong in the past: the time has come to create a fur-free Europe. The European Union has a unique opportunity to achieve this:

  • The fur industry is facing an economic and health crisis due to COVID-19.
  • Twelve EU countries have recently asked the European Commission to reflect on the possibility of permanently banning animals for fur in the EU and to submit a legal proposal to achieve this.
  • The European Commission is currently reviewing EU legislation relating to animal welfare. This review constitutes an opportunity to put a ban in place on the production and selling of fur at the same time.
  • Hundreds of brands have stopped using fur, thus answering to the ethical demands of their clients.

We have a unique opportunity to succeed. Act now so that we can get there together.

What is a European Citizens’ Initiative?

A European Citizens’ Initiative is a unique and effective way for EU citizens to contribute to the shape of our future by asking the European Commission to propose new laws.

It is not just a simple petition. Once we have reached 1 million valid signatures, the European Commission will have to react and take action.

To achieve this, the Initiative requires citizens to provide their personal data to confirm their support. Be reassured that your information can only be used for the purpose of supporting this Initiative, and not for any other purpose. Fur Free Europe is conformant with all legal requirements, with GDPR, and with data protection regulations.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Helene | Saturday 10 February 2024

Stop à l'usage des animaux dans des pratiques barbares ! Abolition, maintenant ! Il est temps que ça cesse définitivement.

Mélina | Sunday 23 July 2023

Fin de l'utilisation de la fourrure ! Stop ! Il est temps !!!

Louisa | Saturday 28 January 2023


marie | Thursday 26 January 2023

il est grand temps que toutes ces atrocités cessent !