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Abuse of security dogs: One Voice rebels

Between July and September 2017, the ordeal of three Malinois is highlighted. Found in appalling conditions, all three were exploited for guarding. One Voice has lodged a complaint to stop the abuse of these dogs whose history is all too often a result of suffering.

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The appalling living conditions of the security dogs

Thanks to the alerts issued by witnesses, the fate of three dogs has been revealed to the general public: their living conditions were deplorable. The 12-year-old was found in the dark, locked in a crate barely 1.5 meters in length. He was in a state of leanness more than obvious and suffered from bedsores. It was then the turn of a of a 9-year-old Malinois to be released. Locked up for two years in a van, he was fixed to the floor with a carabiner. When it was found, the heat was unbearable. He had no water, no food ... and could breathe only through a slit left at the rear doors of the vehicle. In September, another case was recorded: a dog having spent several months locked in a transport crate, in a car park. All were exploited as security dogs. One Voice filed has filed a complaint against their torturers.

To become a security dog

The exploitation of certain breeds of dogs in the example of Malinois and German shepherds is authorized for the benefit of the security sector as soon as they reach their first birthday. Muzzled and kept on a leash, the animals ensure with their partner or "police officer" the security of a site or an event and the people. The work is exhausting: they are chained up, walk for hours without being able to rest or drink. When the end of the day arrives, they do not find shelter in a cosy kennel: most are "stored" in cages like vulgar tools. Yet these dogs, who have not asked to work and who need care and great attention suffer from continuous hardships. Why inflict such abuse on them?

Violence as a method of learning

Broken, physically and psychologically, by a training that has forever changed their behaviour, some dogs, become unusable for leisure, are reduced to the rank of security dogs. Binding the animal by violence and daily torture, the training consists of exercises of obedience, jumping and of course biting. At the end of this pseudo training, the dog can, on command and mechanically cross obstacles, use his sense of smell to follow a track or bite without letting go on the order of his keeper. What he will no longer be able to do, however, is to trust a human being, whom he can attack without warning. The dog then becomes too unpredictable to live in a family and is thrown out of society...

One Voice protests and files a complaint!

With the greatest hypocrisy, the trainers of these centres offer future security guards’ courses on the general knowledge to acquire on their animal: personal hygiene, first aid and animal psychology ... Was the training so bad that the three dog owners left their dogs in such deplorable conditions? This type of environment has the effect of contributing to reinforce their aggressiveness and to force them into isolation. One Voice lodges a complaint against these individuals mistreating their poor dogs. It's time to recognize that they are sentient beings who suffer and that they experience emotions!

To ban the training of dogs and save the victims from! this abuse, please sign and share the petition!

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Moon2502 | Monday 25 September 2017

Le chien est un être vivant qui à besoin d'être respecter et qui souffre physiquement et moralement comme tout être vivant.
Stop à la mal traitance

Mag | Monday 25 September 2017

Arrêtons les conneries avec les animaux

Natoche37 | Monday 25 September 2017

Halte à la barbarie sous toutes ses formes envers les animaux. Ces pratiques doivent cesser définitivement et le plus tôt possible.

Isabelle | Monday 25 September 2017

Rien que des barbares sans coeur