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A victory for rabbits, who have been replaced by soft toys!

A victory for rabbits, who have been replaced by soft toys!

Mis à jour le 03 December 2018

Alerted by students last May, One Voice launched a campaign and contacted the Oniris Veterinary School. This action largely supported by the public has saved dozens of rabbits, spared mutilations and euthanasia. They will no longer serve as course subjects. In their place, on the benches and in the surgery room, soft toys will replace the rabbits so that the students continue to get a hands-on experience! Where they were tearing teeth out, we are now tearing away at victories!

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We have just discovered with great pleasure in the magazine l'Obs, that Oniris a veterinary university in Nantes who we denounced for the use of live rabbits in support of their courses, now use stuffed animals in their place. Bravo!

What satisfaction to see that our alert has saved these rabbits who we had denounced the fate of, to the relief of the students. Indeed, training on live animals could only cause more stress for veterinary students!

The school management had written to us explaining that they were working on improving their pedagogy to limit the use of animals in testing. However, the Royal Veterinary College London which claim to be inspirational in their methods, has been applying for more than 10 years now this technique. Would our "help" have "helped" them to take an interest in what exists elsewhere as an effective and respectful alternative method?!

Which just goes to show that with a little encouragement, when we want to, we can do it, and it seems to be done well! It is time for the world of education to make these transformations in order to stop using animals: research and the use of alternative methods should be the norm. 

Dozens of rabbits will no longer be mutilated or euthanized!

Julia Mothé
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Animal testing: investigation from One Voice in Mauritius into long-tailed macaque breeding farms 'Monkeys Labs': from condoned mistreatment, proven trafficking, and health risks

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eldie | Wednesday 10 October 2018

Pouvez-vous nous donner plus de précisions ou nous indiquer des articles à consulter sur cette technique de substitution ?
D'avance merci.

one voice | Friday 12 October 2018

bonjour, je vous communique ci-après le lien vers notre site, et nos rapports concernant l'expérimentation animale : Bien cordialement

Audrey | Saturday 06 October 2018

Très belle victoire ! Bravo à One Voice et aux étudiants qui ont réagi ! Cet exemple doit être suivi !

Martine13 | Friday 05 October 2018

Enfin une bonne décision. MERCI POUR LES LAPINS.

Guitou | Thursday 04 October 2018

Enfin une bonne avancée et bonne nouvelle, j'espère que cela fera jurisprudence pour tous les animaux victimes de l'expérimentation.