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Through my eyes

Through my eyes

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One Voice invites you to discover animal experimentation through the eyes of animals. These are the dogs, the monkeys, the rabbits who are sacrificed every day in the French laboratories.

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"They came and pulled me out of my cage. I was firmly held and something long and thin was inserted into my mouth. I did not like that. I got angry when they put it deeper down my throat. It was not food. I felt it slipping down inside me. I was suffocating. I understood that it was not normal. Every day, for months, it started again. They took me out of my cage and forcefully inserted this tube in the back of my throat where they leaked something. What they put in my belly started to make me feel sick. After that, I did not always want to eat what was brought to me. When I did eat, I sometimes threw up everything. After several months, I was out of my cage one last time. They held me firmly and shaved my leg. I then felt something sharp sink into it. A feeling of cold suddenly swept over me when a liquid was spilled into my veins. I suddenly felt very tired. I remembered the smell of my mother. I would have liked to have been with her again."

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"I screamed in panic when they brutally strapped me to a restraining device, but no one came to help me. My head was firmly maintained. A device was implanted into my skull, which was hurting me so much, it was the pulled up and fixed on a bar above me. I could not move. On a big screen in front of me, sets of patterns began to appear. For months I endured this trauma, I learned that when this pattern was repeated, I had to quickly press a button in front of me. I was then rewarded with a little fruit juice delivered drop by drop into my mouth. I wanted this juice. I had not had any liquid for several hours and I was very, very thirsty. After several hours, I was released from this device and put back into a cage. I did not fight this time. I wanted to sleep. I wanted to forget."

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"I curled up in the cage when a hand tried to catch me. Stronger than me, she manages to grab me. I was then locked in a box from where only my head was sticking out. I could not move. I looked around and saw rows of my companions locked up in the same way. Then a man walked towards me. I began to breathe faster. I struggled to escape, without success. The man lifted one of my eyelids and instilled something in my eye. Everything has become vague. The substance burned as my vision began to disappear. I saw almost nothing and the burning sensation persisted.

I wanted that to stop. I wanted to remove this stuff but I could not. It was so bad. I was struggling, I could not scratch my eye. Finally, the man came back. After examining my eye, he put me back in my empty, cold cage. I was alone, scared, and in pain. I hoped he would not come back."

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One Voice is the French representative of ECEAE, the European Coalition to End Animal Experimentation.

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Animal testing: investigation from One Voice in Mauritius into long-tailed macaque breeding farms 'Monkeys Labs': from condoned mistreatment, proven trafficking, and health risks

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anna | Thursday 15 June 2017

Test sur des récidivistes

theo libeani | Thursday 27 April 2017

L'expérimentation animale ne devrait plus exister au 21eme siècle. Un animal meurt dans des souffrances insupportables et dans une indifférence totale toutes les 12 secondes.
L'homme a fait de la planète un enfer pour tous les animaux de la terre. Il faut que cela cesse et que tous ces scientifiques se remettent en question et passent à autre chose. Mais aussi un véritable business et l'argent rentre. Cela me dégoûte !!!!!

MYRIAM | Wednesday 26 April 2017

fin des tests sur les animaux, à quand les tests sur les tortionnaires

wettlé | Wednesday 26 April 2017

En réponse à CHOUP.
Vous avez raison de sensibiliser les personnes pour la cause animale lors des prochaines élections présidentielles du 7 mai, quant à la candidate à voter pour la défense des animaux, car il est évident que ce n'est pas un M Macron qui s'engagera et se souciera de protéger et défendre les animaux vu ses propos irrespectueux honteux et inacceptables vis à vis des associations engagées au quotidien et militant pour les animaux. Donc, le choix est très vite fait pour les défenseurs des animaux et nous devrons de toute façon continuer de nous battre et éveiller les consciences à travers de l'information et de la sensibilisation pour les animaux, les choses ont déjà évolué et changent et les populations ouvrent enfin les yeux sur les réalités immondes ignobles et inadmissibles dont sont victimes régulièrement les animaux qui sont, rappelons le, des êtres vivants comme nous et non des "objets ou marchandises" !.
Mr Macron est dangereux car ne parle que de la "mondialisation, du progrès, de l'avancement et du rendement" voilà sa politique faite que pour les plus fortunés, les plus aisés et non pour les êtres vulnérables, fragiles et exploités à outrance dont les animaux, nos frères.