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A superficial reform to better maintain hunting?

A superficial reform to better maintain hunting?

Mis à jour le 29 January 2019

A draft decree proposes to modify the conditions of practice for hunting with hounds, whereas 82% of French society asks for its abolition. Tradition cannot justify barbarism, it is time for France to take its responsibilities in terms of respect for animals. Let us take part in a public consultation to demand the outright abolition of this cruel and outdated practice, and not a cosmetic reform that will only perpetuate this heartless "leisure activity".

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More than a year after a deer was slaughtered at the Croix-Saint-Ouen and even though the vast majority of the country is opposed to this archaic and cruel practice, the State is submitting a draft decree modifying the 18thMarch 1982 "concerning the exercise of hunting and is aiming to limit incidents at the end of hunting close to inhabited areas".

What is in this text?

A superficial reform, even cosmetic, of hunting with hounds, horns and screams. Instead of banning it and replying to the request of 82% of the French who oppose it, the State decides to keep it away from view and "limit" by six tenths the number of dogs allowed to chase these poor targeted animals. Dogs are piled into transport boxes, into the back of vans, stored as equipment, without water or food. They don’t waste a minute in the morning ... Who cares for these dogs, used as tools to hunt and living by with the whip? 

The stag of the Croix-Saint-Ouen and the one at Pont-Sainte Maxence, the hunters who were filmed by our cameras, the hunters who were pardoned because the stags were too close to villages, finally stabbed, drowned..., an all too common practice that we have become aware of. To prohibit the hunting of an animal until the limit of housing is not enough, it is only a way to allow these morally indefensible practices to persist against the majority view, it’s not enough. It will not alleviate the suffering of these sentient beings.

Tradition cannot justify barbarism

The huntsmen revel about a book about sociology (Hunting with hounds (La Chasse à courre), its rites and stakes) that describes their practices in every detail. But sociologists do not judge. A "total social fact" does not mean that it is good or morally acceptable. Ethics and modernity must prevail over barbarism, even if it were codified! Anthropologists keep repeating: a tradition changes over time and can be abandoned. Especially if the times have changed to the point that it becomes antiquated, obsolete or old fashioned. Traditions are the roots of a society, by nature changing and not its limiting framework. 

We urge you to participate in a number of public consultations to block this ministerial draft order on hunting with hounds, which will only reinforce the practice for years again, by giving the argument to the huntsmen that they will have been "reformed". Let's ask the ministry to abolish the hunt altogether!

Julia Mothé
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Sylvie France | Sunday 08 November 2020

Je suis défavorable à la chasse à courre!

Axel | Wednesday 19 June 2019

A l'occasion d'une consultation publique, il faut juste dire si l'on est favorable ou défavorable au projet. Tous les commentaires d'une autre nature sont exclus de l'analyse. Ainsi, tous ceux qui se sont prononcés contre la chasse à courre en y allant de leur petite diatribe ont été exclus du résultat final. Aussi, lors des prochaines consultations publiques comme dans l'actuelle sur le plan de chasse national qui vise à exterminer tout simplement certaines espèces, il suffit d'indiquer "Je suis défavorable au projet". Merci.

Ninon | Thursday 28 March 2019

Le problème est très difficile à résoudre,
On y arrivera peut-être, je l' espère, mais ça risque d' être très long!
Le tout est de ne pas baisser les bras .... mais on risque de voir encore pas mal d' horreur !

Nicky | Wednesday 06 February 2019

Comment voulez-vous que cela change puisque Monsieur MACRON est du côté des "chasseurs"
et que la souffrance animale ne le concerne pas.