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A summer school on meat consumption!

A summer school on meat consumption!

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Arriving from all over the world, researchers studying human sciences, ethics, philosophy, art, and politics will come together in July for a summer school on the ethics of eating meat, organised by One Voice and the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics!

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Just months after the COP21, whilst scandals associated with the farming and slaughter of animals multiply, One Voice and the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics are organising the third summer school on animal ethics. From the 24 th to the 27th of July, at St Stephens House, the ethics of animal consumption will be the hot topic…

There has been such high interest from universities all over the world wanting to participate that there was not enough place to accommodate everyone. Amongst the participants will be the French philosophers Corine Pelluchon and Thomas Lepeltier. The collective objective of the event is to conduct a knowledge overhaul on the themes relating to the consumption of animals, with particular emphasis on the moral, philosophical and religious aspects as well as the historical, legal, psychological, scientific and sociological ones. The moral issue linked to the act of killing will be high on the agenda, as well as the subject of suffering experienced by animals in the food industry, animals portrayed as meat, the link between meat consumption and climate change, the impact of industrial farming on the environment, the use of meat substitutes, in vitro meat and strategies for change…

The Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, founded in 2006 at the prestigious Oxford University, explores the questions of animal ethics through university research, teaching and publications. It is run by Professor Andrew Linzey, who is also One Voice's vice-president.

Each conference member's contributions will be compiled in a book edited by the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics in English and in French. It could serve as a base for work to come, as did the first conference on the Link in 2007.

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Se nourrir AUTREMENT est notre futur programme HUMAINS! Enfin, on deviendra un véritable "être doué de sensibilité" !

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Il n'y a pas de viande sans souffrance, n'en mangez plus. Pour moi le chemin a été long, mais à force de conscience j'ai fini par VRAIMENT comprendre que je mangeais du cadavre, et qui plus est, du cadavre de martyrs.

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Merci pour cette initiative qui je l'espère portera ses fruits afin que tous les animaux trouvent enfin leur place dans ce monde de tarés et qu'ils cessent d'être les cibles de ceux qu'ils les font tant souffrir.