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A new stage in our attempts to get Dumba out of the circus

A new stage in our attempts to get Dumba out of the circus

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Given that the prosecutor of Alès seems to be telling us that we have no case in relation to Dumba, we are writing to the relevant authorities in order to set new procedures in motion. As with all the animals that we defend, we are doing everything we possibly can for her.

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There are actually laws governing how humans treat wild animals held in captivity so it would be a good thing if legal professionals ensured that they were observed instead of hiding behind pretence and opaque expert opinions. In this case we are denouncing not just illegal but also immoral acts. We are not only militant activists but fighters again the – many – infringements of laws and regulations. Moreover we have brought to the case no fewer than six expert opinions, which agree with one another in attesting that Dumba shows numerous signs of suffering. Finally, images taken by journalists show that the trainer is contravening the regulations, in particular relating to the safety of the public.

Why come to a decision before reading the arguments? Why not judge on the facts?

A prosecutor who shows no signs of life

The prosecutor of Alès, to whom we addressed our complaint in January, did not respond to any of our requests. Therefore, in order to continue to defend Dumba whatever happens – it is observance of the rules that is making us proceed in this way – we wrote to him once again to remind him of our requests, namely the seizure of Dumba (or the duty to move her to a place of safety) and the withdrawal of her trainer's certificate of competence. On 5 April we shall thus be able to take civil action or lodge a complaint with the Principal State Prosecutor. In other words, change up a gear.

A prefect challenged

We have also written officially to the Prefect of Gard to ask for the certificate of competence of the trainer Kludsky to be withdrawn and for the elephant to be removed, or for the operator of the circus to be issued with a notice to comply with an order to hand her over to a sanctuary. In fact the Prefect is supposed to guarantee the welfare of wild animals held in captivity on his territory.

Support from an influential international star

Touched by the images we took in January, Cher, a joint founder of the NGO Free The Wild, has written a letter to Barbara Pompili about our fight with FAADA on behalf of Dumba and asking her to offer her a peaceful retirement. We have made sure that a place is waiting for Dumba at the French sanctuary Elephant Haven. It is high time that animals who are suffering and being mistreated were helped by those responsible for them, not only by those who make it their mission to do so.

Unless we hear anything different from the Public Prosecutor's Department in the meantime the new deadlines relating to Dumba will be in April. We will not abandon her. Attempting to get things moving is a long process and requires patience and tenacity. But we have plenty of both and will not give up. Ever.

translated by Patricia Fairey MCIL

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Marie Jose | Wednesday 24 February 2021

Tout notre soutien. Ne lâchez rien !

Carol Pindee | Tuesday 23 February 2021

Please release this poor elelphant 🙏

christiane | Monday 22 February 2021

Que de complications en France pour soulager la misère des animaux maltraités même quand tout est prouvé, on marche sur la tête ici !

Even | Sunday 21 February 2021

Quelle immense tristesse... qui perdure depuis....