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A new fashion from La Redoute "no fur"

A new fashion from La Redoute "no fur"

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It is a great victory: one of the French heavyweights of mail ordering adheres to the program "without animal fur" publicized in France by One Voice.

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We all have one more reason to love La Redoute! The national leader in fashion and home e-commerce had already committed itself in early 2017 to support sustainable agriculture and responsible cotton by joining the Better Cotton initiative.

Now that this global group has just joined the Fur Free Retailer program developed by our international coalition, the Fur Free Alliance: You will no longer find in the collections offered by La Redoute articles made in animal fur.

Nathalie Balla, co-president of La Redoute, commented on this ethical choice:

"I am proud to announce La Redoute's membership with One Voice, the representative in France of the (Fur Free Alliance). Many years ago we made the responsible choice of not having real fur in the design of our products or in the selection of products distributed by La Redoute. The decision to join the Fur Free Retailer program in 2017 is in line with our sustainable development plan and in our resolution to support an ethical belief around animal rights. This public commitment by La Redoute to society corresponds with a desire to be influential and to contribute to a more beautiful world. "

This commitment has formalized and perpetuated a policy already carried out for several years by La Redoute. It concerns of course the international subsidiaries of the European Union and outside (Belgium, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Russia).

In France, 91 mainstream brands have joined the program (Armani, C & A, Esprit, H & M, Hugo Boss, Zara ...) and around 500 others around the world. Let us not forget that the high fashion house of Franck Sorbier's also recently joined us.

One Voice is working and mobilizing so that the retailers will make this responsible choice, which allows animal suffering to retreat in our country, mink farming in appalling conditions, as throughout the European Union, where about 48 million animals are annually sacrificed for their fur.

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ba&sh’s animal welfare policy recognised by the Fur Free Retailer programme Fur: more than 1,500,000 signatures to put an end to this industry in Europe!

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Bouclettes | Friday 08 September 2017

Incroyable que ces gens pervertis, ne pensant qu'à se faire de l'argent et de surcroit sur le dos des animaux, humains vous n'êtes que des pourris.

Bernigui | Monday 03 July 2017

C'est bien, mais ce n'est que la partie visible de l'iceberg par rapport à tout ce qu'il y a encore à rectifier dans nos comportements inhumains!!
Un pas à la fois,....mais vite!!!

lidiamar | Monday 26 June 2017

Merci a La Redoute de rejoindre les sages qui refusent la barbarie.
Je suis déjà cliente mais je leur donnerai la priorité a l'avenir en guise de remerciement pour leur engagement.

C'est vrai il faudrait aussi penser à l'angora aux chiens etc. mais avec persévérance on y arrivera. Merci One Voice pour votre travail. Merci pour eux qui n'ont que notre voix, soyons, continuons à être à la hauteur de leur espoir que la souffrance inutile cesse.

HB | Thursday 22 June 2017

BRAVO à la Redoute !!

Un exemple à suivre partout dans le monde !!