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A flamingo, symptomatic victim of hunting

A flamingo, symptomatic victim of hunting

Mis à jour le 25 September 2018

On Tuesday, August 28, a flamingo was found dead at La Grande-Motte, after being shot by a hunter. It was however ringed, and its species is protected. If the shooter was a hunter, one wonders with which animal the flamingo was confused with! It is forbidden to kill these animals! We file a complaint.

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This poor eight-year-old Flamingo, a great Mediterranean traveller, having been observed in recent years in the Camargue, and regularly wintering in the salt mines of Thyna in Tunisia. This the last collateral victim of a system maintained by the power in place: Hunters who killwith impunity, whether they have the right or not!Including, obviously outside hunting periods and on a golf course, which is open to the public! We file a complaint for infringement of a protected species with the Prosecutor of Montpellier.

Let Nature recover its place

We are opposed to hunting but even the legislation that is in place is not respected! It's a tragedy for birds, a disaster for rabbits, foxes, badgers, wolves, deer...That their species be considered as being able to cause only damage, like game or protected species! It's a drama for every animal involved.

Why always have a dismissive position? Balance must not be managed by hunting! humans do not have to regulate and control any species. On the contrary, the human species must give back their rightful place to animals and allow Nature to regulate itself whenever it is necessary.

That's enough!

The same day, after being stabbed in the back, Nicolas Hulot, the Minister of Ecological Transition and solidarity made the decision to resign, dirty gifts from the President of the Republic to the Federation of hunters. We must radically reform the hunt, and go for a ban! Please Sign our petition, and come to our unified march on October 13th!

 Photo: Grande-Motte Municipal Police

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Guillemette | Monday 03 September 2018

La nature sait parfaitement se réguler seule et même renaître de ses cendres. L'homme dans sa nature est nuisible et les chasseurs les plus grands prédateurs. Tirer un flamand rose sûrement parce qu'il se reposait sur un golf. Aberrant !

Danielle | Sunday 02 September 2018

Merci à toutes les personnes qui se mobilisent dans ces combats, longs, difficiles et douloureux

Doumy | Saturday 01 September 2018

Tous vos combats sont porteurs d'espoir pour la condition animale et le maintien de la biodiversité. Merci de nous donner une raison d'espérer

heliottfeu | Saturday 01 September 2018