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A breeding farm has been closed in Emagny, but Mink are still in cages!

A breeding farm has been closed in Emagny, but Mink are still in cages!

Mis à jour le 09 March 2019

At the time when Jean-Paul Gaultier has just announced that he would stop using fur, in Emagny, nearly a year after the announcement of the closure of this breeding farm, there are still mink to be found in cages and conditions of their detention have not changed in any way! As part of our complaint, we sent a bailiff to attest to their presence. One Voice is the first to launch this kind of procedure, it's unpublished.

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A bailiff in a fur farm, it’s a first!

The breeding of mink in Emagny is one of six French farms in which we conducted a survey in 2016. We noted a large number of irregularities: hygiene, soil and water pollution, mink living on top of each other in tiny cages ... When we applied for an extension in April 2017, we filed a complaint for acts of cruelty, lack of care, maltreatment and acts of pollution, against the owner, already condemned in the past. A breeding farm said to have been closed but none the less filing appeal last May to annul the prefectural order refusing the expansion of its premises. 

At the end of the summer, we obtained from the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Besançon that a bailiff had visited the breeding farm, to make note of the presence of live mink in cages. The vet we sent to accompany the bailiff confirmed their presence and the mistreatment they undergo, and the extreme urgency to save these animals. We demand that the remaining mink be entrusted to us in order to place them in a sanctuary.

Towards a fur-free fashion, let's respect the Mink

We constantly denounce the living conditions and the very existence of fur farms. These places must be banned, not only because of the suffering they are putting these sentient and intelligent beings through, locked up and crammed for life in tiny wire cages, that is painful to the paws and stressful to the point of causing aggression and self-harm.

Public authorities must also take into account the dangers from the constant polluting of the soil and that of the watercourses (excrement, corpses, and others) for us, and for the biodiversity itself. The American mink, exploited by this industry, are bigger and stronger than those who have lived for thousands of years in Europe. From now on, little which escapes worsens the already dramatic situation of these small mammals,’ inhabitants of the wet zones, and in the course of time, their disappearance from our territories.

A communicative commitment

With fur, the luxury and fashion industry seeks to sell us superfluous and "the beautiful". In this we see only cruelty, mistreatment and a slow death. So many people share this point of view! Moreover, Jean-Paul Gaultier, one of our most emblematic creators has just announced Saturday, November 10thof his decision not to use real fur, even for his next collections. This is excellent news, which beckons us more and more than ever to strengthen the fight for these animals.

For mink, foxes, chinchillas, all legal means must be taken against this morbid industry. The animals have suffered too much, the planet is too bad for us to continue to act as in the past. The textile industry must reinvent itself.

To help you make informed purchases guaranteed by our labels, visit our dedicated website. You can also sign our petition to call on the Prime Minister about farms that are continuing to grow when we have called for their closure.

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VERONIQUE | Thursday 21 February 2019

STOP MALTRAITANCE et mort dans une souffrance horrible.
Honteux !!!!!

MICHELLE | Tuesday 01 January 2019

Aidons à sauver ces animaux de la barbarie humaine en faisant le choix d'abord de ne pas acheter de fourrure animale

regina schneider gaskin | Wednesday 05 December 2018

Il é pas bonne de se promener avec un cadaver

Mimithaï | Tuesday 04 December 2018

Stop á la barbarie !!!