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The public prosecutor of denies the suffering of angora rabbits during their live hair removal: this is shameful!

The public prosecutor of denies the suffering of angora rabbits during their live hair removal: this is shameful!

Mis à jour le 31 March 2020

If the State Council follows the argument of the public prosecutor at the hearing on June 7th regarding our request for angora rabbits, all of our arguments will be rejected. It is clear that the State refuses to advance on the question of the dignity of these animals, their rights or their respect. Because even the incorporation of a suggestion to introduce "virtuous practices" concerning the living conditions of rabbits has been rejected by the public prosecutor.

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Editorial of June 27, 2019

The State Council rejected our appeal to ban the depilation of angora rabbits.
We will file a complaint against France with the European institutions.

After a quarter of an hour of reading by the public reporter, we could hear all the means available to refuse any regulatory progress on the "depilation" of angora rabbits ... If we understand well, the way to recover the hairs from Angora rabbits will remain unchanged, as will the living conditions; as for a ban, there is no counting on this!

This time, the public reporter is basing his remarks on an article by two researchers from the INRA (Institut national de la recherche agronomique) Coat, Fleece and Fur Laboratory, published in 1985, after tests on rabbits. So, nothing would have changed in the knowledge of animal sensitivity in 35 years?

Virtuous practices swept aside by the prosecution

Whether it is to make rabbits ingest Leucodendron which helps their hair to fallout, or to position hot water bottles under their mattresses to guarantee that they will not be too cold once the hair is exposed, it will be left at the judgment of the breeders to decide whether or not to put in place these "common sense measures" mentioned in the article by INRA researchers written in 1985, establishing that their plucking is not "in itself "abuse. As everyone now knows, letting the breeders be judges and parties always gives good results.

Our investigation in six farms considered as special cases!

Our investigation may have shown the positions imposed on rabbits during hair removal in six different farms and has made their cries and shrills in pain be heard, but nothing has helped. Given that the law imposes rules for the upkeep and maintenance of places of detention, and a system of control and sanction, the public reporter considers that this is enough. Our images would show, "at most, isolated cases".

During our undercover investigation, we suspected that "special cases" would be one of the arguments put forward to counter our demonstration. This is precisely why we did not stop at just one, but went to six angora farms in France. And there is little more ...

The suffering of individuals denied

Once again, we are told of the absence of risks for biodiversity or human health, without showing any compassion for the individuals concerned. Their suffering is skilfully ignored, even denied. We would even have had to demonstrate that shearing would be less painful than this "depilation". Let us ask any human if they find it equal in its method to have their haircut with scissors or have it ripped out by the handful ...

The public prosecutor goes so far as to argue, based on this article, that it is not certain that rabbits all have the same intolerance to the cold, According to him, this justifies the lack of need to generalize the fact of putting straw into the hutches or putting a hot water bottle under their litter once the skin is bare in winter!

On the language of animals ...

How can an animal express its pain and suffering? How can it call for help if not by screaming? How can it show that it is in pain if not by struggling while its hair is being pulled out and sometimes bleeding? Wasn’t the phrase "twist in pain" created? What is the universal movement for any mammal in case of cold and fear, if not the generally trembling? Do rabbits have to learn to speak a human language to tell us? That they estimate their pain on a scale of 1 to 10 as we’re being asked at the hospital? From what wavelength of tremors does a rabbit feel cold according to the public rapporteur?

We will continue to fight for the angora rabbits, we put a lot of hope in this advert. In the meantime, please keep signing and sharing our petition for them!

Julia Mothé
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Phil | Thursday 13 February 2020

Je suis écœuré de toutes ces violences sur les animaux...
Tout mon soutien envers les défenseurs de la nature ?

Dani | Thursday 13 February 2020

Que cela cesse... C'est horrible, pas besoin de faire toutes ces atrocités, le synthétique est très bien ....

Morgane | Thursday 15 August 2019

Peut-être que les éleveurs cruels de lapins angoras font partis eux-mêmes du Conseil d’État ou alors leur familles ou amis, car sans cela ce n'est humainement pas possible de laisser faire de telles horreurs sur des petits lapins innocents.

Battons-nous afin que cela cesse, boycottons toutes sortes de fourrures et prions ?

Lea | Sunday 14 July 2019

Merci de vous battre pour que tout cela cesse!