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The life of a "circus beast" is over for Elyo!

The life of a "circus beast" is over for Elyo!

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His name the "circus beast" is Nal (or Nale). We had chosen to give him a free lion name, a solar name: Elyo. On this month of June, he has just been placed in a "zoo-refuge": La Tanière. It’s still a great victory. The fact that the authorities pretend that nothing happened is not going to change anything: the darkness of the empty truck, for Elyo, is over!

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The eyes of Elyo prostrate, one of the few times the truck has been opened.
No matter how well he came out of this, the trainers will have to answer for their actions before the courts.

Outrageous living conditions and authorities turning a blind eye

For Elyo, we had filed a complaint for acts of cruelty in April 2018. A veterinarian was then mandated by the Public Prosecutor of Dunkirk. His report left no doubt about Elyo's ill-being and suffering. Despite this irrefutable evidence, our complaint was dismissed! Faced with this incomprehensible decision, we then proposed to the circus to entrust the lion to us so that we would take him to live on the African savanna in exchange for which we would have helped them to set up a show without animals. The refusal was categorical.

In January 2019: new complaint

The authorities knew, they were aware of the mistreatment of which Elyo was the victim: they had in their hands the certificate from a veterinary expert for justice, the numerous reports of our investigators, the expertise of the world-renowned specialists whom we had called. For months, we kept alerting them.

The circus was still announcing performances until May 26th

 In May 2019, Elyo was still plunged into the darkness of the truck, we decided to summon his two trainers to appear before the Laval Criminal Court (by paying, we made sure he had the hearing which he should have had the right to). The "direct order" was given by a bailiff to the trainers of the Buffalo Circus. It was at this very moment that the authorities suddenly had a desire to deal with Elyo. He had to be quickly re-homed, taken out of the circus. So, and while the consignment hearing is taking place, hearing during which we were asked to pay 3000 € so that justice could do its job ... Elyo arrived at this zoo.

The end of trailer life. But what of Africa?

As for Maya, the authorities refused all our proposals, pretending not to see the appalling living conditions in which Elyo found himself. But, and as for Maya once again, a place has been found. Elyo will not have the pleasure of setting foot on the African savannah, where a park of more than one hectare in sanctuary awaited him. It is the choice of the authorities, but let them be aware, we will watch over Elyo!

The authorities may try to act as if nothing had happened, as if our fight had nothing to do with it, it will not stand up in court! What would have happened to Elyo if at the dismissal of our first complaint in 2018, we had given up? What would have happened if we had not followed him tirelessly, alerting the State services, if you had not mobilized, you, the militants, the sympathizers? Elyo would probably have ended up dying from constantly banging his head against the sides of the truck.

A great victory all the same

This placement remains a great victory, let's not sulk or ignore our happiness of seeing him far from this miserable life: the incessant homelessness, alone, locked in a truck, usually in total darkness.

At the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition, where we asked at meeting after meeting, for an immediate ministerial decree that would put an end to the plight of animals in circuses, we were told: "But what to do with captive animals? We have no solution. " The more the weeks passed, the more it looked like a false pretext. If there was no solution, how to explain that in less than a year Maya, Lechmee and Elyo - to name a few - had found a place outside the circuses?

Should we be filing a complaint and obtain direct orders for each detained individual? And so that they all find themselves, secretly, placed outside the marquees? If this is the solution, then we shall tackle it! Next meeting at the Marseille administrative court on June 27th for Samba!

Our complaint for acts of cruelty on Maya is under investigation, and on October 18th we will be at the Laval court to obtain the conviction of Elyo's trainers for acts of cruelty. They will have to answer for their actions! The time for impunity is over!

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