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The horrible fate of these six kittens must surely open our eyes

The horrible fate of these six kittens must surely open our eyes

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A simple news item: six kittens drowned and then were crushed inside a rubbish bag to ensure an end to their lives, barely born, then they are thrown into a container of the apartment block, while thinking "a job well done". There is so much to say around this banal drama! Audience in the courts of Draguignan, this Thursday September 5th at 10:15 a.m.

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We will call her Mrs M. And he will be Mr. A. He left the residence with a visibly full garbage bag, threw it in the collective trash, then left. Mrs. M. would have found nothing strange about this, she was smoking her cigarette on the balcony. Then, Mr. A. decided to retrace his steps and remove the bag from the container and then violently hit the sack several times, in particular against an abandoned microwave. So, Mrs M. went to check the contents of this bag. She found 6 kittens there, barely 10 days old, almost all dead, soaked with the water in which Mr. A had drowned them. She has decided to file a complaint and we will support her.

A cruelty not to be trivialized

This act of cruelty, Mr. A. understood what he was doing. What do you do if a stray cat leaves you with unwanted kittens? Mr. A. will therefore be tried because he ended the lives of these kittens, with extreme violence, probably to ensure a swift ending. Because when it is necessary to act, we drown them, we hit them or we abandon them, leaving these cats to a slow death. And one can imagine much worse, when there is no Mrs M. at her window to observe you. Too bad for Mr. A.: we are in Draguignan in the Var, where Chevelu was massacred in a fit of rage and violence that shocked France.

From A to Z

They are more than 13 million feline companions in France, who breed and their litters become our responsibility. The act of Mr. A. is the tip of an iceberg of suffering: the natural reproduction of cats, stray or companions, is a time bomb with potentially exponential damage. Not sterilizing cats, whether domestic or stray, will bring us back to the case of Mister A., problem unfortunately has declined to Z, like the cat at day 1.

All responsible!

Overall, cats are today in our country are less well cared for and treated than dogs when they are more numerous. Their numbers, their fate and such cases require that the State finally legislate against strays, throughout the territory (the situation is even more explosive in the other French territories). Otherwise, they will all end up being considered as pests, unwanted pests. Burned, drowned, crushed, slashed ... Our fauna, our friends that are so close and yet tomorrow become unwanted? No! Mastering their destiny so as not to get to these situations is our duty. Gentlemen like Mr A. must learn other solutions, and Ladies like Mrs M. must be more numerous and vigilant even still. For these felines.

Frédéric Rideau
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maryline millet | Thursday 21 May 2020

Que cet acte soit sévèrement puni ! Encore un individu sans cœur qui peut agir de la sorte. Ce n'est même pas un être humain : c'est un monstre !
Lorsqu'on est capable de faire souffrir un animal, on est capable de faire subir la même souffrance à un être humain !

gégé | Friday 15 May 2020

Les lâches se trouvent au sein de l'Etat qui ne prend pas la chose au sérieux, et qui déjà ne voit pas la misère humaine mais encore moins la misère animale. Ils sont trop corrompus!

Stéphane | Sunday 29 September 2019

A vomir !
Il aurait dû être plus sévèrement condamné: 3 mois avec sursis c'est lamentable !!
Merci à cette dame qui a eu le courage de porter plainte.

Antie | Sunday 15 September 2019