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The death of Mévy: the hour of reckoning has struck

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On April 11th, a new tribunal was held to shed light on the last moments of the tigress Mévy, killed in a cowardly way on November 24th, 2017 by her keeper in a Parisian dead-end road.

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The sessions are linked to the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Paris. To defend the memory and the rights of the young tigress Mévy and to go beyond this and into her killing, within the framework for our direct quotation of a voluntary slaughter of an animal. We have already participated in two hearings this year, the second took place on April 11th, 2019.

Commercial Motivation

As a reminder, while our complaint back in 2017, immediately after the facts, had been shamefully dismissed, we initiated direct proceedings against the owner of the Bormann circus who detained the feline, let her escape and preferred to shoot her out of sight rather than keep her cornered until the arrival of reinforcements that would have allowed for her capture.

During the hearing on April 11th, our lawyer was able to speak for Mévy and bring about many elements incriminating her owner. She notably underlined that if the trainer had chosen to kill the tigress, it was only for financial gain. The circus had indeed moved to the 15th arrondissement. With Mévy on the run, he risked losing his plot and being prosecuted for crimes. So, he preferred to shoot, to eliminate this annoying witness, rather than to wait for an outside intervention ... And commit an irretrievable act.

A life is priceless

Who cares? Since this tragedy, the circus has quietly continued its performances and has received a financial windfall. However, this tigress was unique, irreplaceable. Her value, like that of each living being, lay in a whole other dimension, that of the financial field. She was an individual, she had a breath, she had emotions, feelings and also had a great intelligence.

Today, she is no longer breathing. The one who - by his own admission - had "bottle-fed" her, the one who had deprived her of her freedom to do her thing. The one who had negligently allowed her to escape and eventually kill her, without hesitation with three bullets, while she was lying prostrate at the bottom of a dead-end road. We cannot close our eyes. If we cannot save Mévy, we will fight to the end to represent her, we will attend as many hearings as it takes to plead her case ... and to allow her to end up being heard !

Marie-Sophie Bazin
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Dumba still needs us! Circuses supply skins and corpses to a tout-Paris taxidermist. Eye opening.

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anne | Sunday 21 April 2019

Et voilà comment les gens de cirque "aiment" leurs animaux. Ils les appellent leurs "bébés" lorsqu'ils sont critiqués. Ils vous baratinent en passant en revue les grands dangers que courent les animaux sauvages dans la nature, alors que les animaux captifs sont chouchoutés, suivis par des vétérinaires, nourris des meilleurs morceaux gâtés-pourris.
A tout cela, Zazie dirait "mes fesses"!

Véridique | Saturday 20 April 2019

Les animaux sauvages n’ ont rien à faire dans les cirques

Aline | Saturday 20 April 2019

Ça suffit ces cirques avec animaux on ne veut plus voir ça. Il faut interdire les interdire définitivement et laisser les animaux tranquille dans la nature là ou est leur place. Et ce pauvre tigre ne serait pas mort. Inadmissible

Roxane57 | Friday 19 April 2019

Interdire les cirques à animaux !!!