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The National Nature Reserve of the Ramières should not be reopened to the hunt!

It’s been six years since the magnificent reserve of the Ramières had become a real sanctuary for animals. But here, the public authorities have yielded, for the umpteenth time, in front of the lobby for hunters. We write to the Ministry of Ecology asking for the urgent adoption of a new decree to protect this site. Please sign and share the petition launched by the Citizens and Nature Collective in Val de Drôme

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This reserve which is on the course of the beautiful river Drôme, is the largest wetland in the department of the same name. It houses otters, beavers, and many birds. Especially in migration period (hence hunting ...). It is a fantastic reservoir of biodiversity on one of the last rivers in the natural bed of France.

Since 2013 and for 3 years, hunting was no longer allowed, intolerable for hunters. Their federation appealed against this common sense decision. Following a procedural irregularity, they got their way and cancelled the order.

Unfortunately, the authorities did not see fit to take over a new owner, once again in front of the hunters.

One Voice joins the "Citizens and Nature Collective in Val de Drôme" which initiated a petition demanding that the reserve of the Ramières remains a protected area. We are writing to the Ministry of Ecological Transition asking for an urgent adoption of a new order.

This beautiful place must remain the haven of peace it has become for the animals living there and should not be disturbed by those who continue to want us to believe that they defend the Nature armed rifles.

Please sign and share the petition !

Naturaliste, conseiller de One Voice Pierre Athanaze
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Hu | Saturday 20 July 2019

Il y en a marre de la chasse. Moi je dis non pour ôter des vies, oui à la liberté.
Ne l’oublions pas: les animaux sont des êtres humains.

cannelle44 | Friday 19 July 2019

En France, malheureusement, on chasse tout et n'importe quoi: des petits oiseaux pris dans la glue, des palombes, des oiseaux en voie de disparition etc, etc.... Quelle barbarie. La bonne excuse : cela se fait depuis toujours. N'est-il pas temps de changer ?
On dit qu'il n'y a que les imbéciles qui ne changent pas d'avis !

Karine et Philippe | Friday 19 July 2019

La pétition a été signée immédiatement. Est-il impossible de laisser vivre en paix les animaux, alors que les espèces sont déjà en voie d'extinction ? Sans parler de celles qui ont disparu faute à la folie et destruction humaine. Sauvons encore ce qui est possible de l'être, avant que la fin sonne le glas.

Aline | Friday 19 July 2019

Inadmissible et honteux, ça suffit la chasse! laissez les animaux tranquilles, il ne reste plus rien.