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Let's move towards an era definitely without cages!

Let's move towards an era definitely without cages!

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Cages must become a vague memory of an old barbaric era ! Let's all take part in the European Citizens Initiative launched by CIWF to end the breeding of animals in cages ! One million signatures must be collected, and we are barely halfway there.

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The sufferance of life in a cage

More than 300 million hens and chickens, pigs and sows, cows and oxen are born, suffer, breed and die in tiny cages across Europe. They will never feel the grass under their feet, they will never be able to frolic and play, they will never see the sun above their heads through the young leaves of spring, nor will they root around freely through the dead leaves... Instead for the little ones and for the mothers, concrete floors, permanently shackled, unhealthy unbreathable air, these are the horrors...

So many reasons to sides against the use of cages! Ethical, ecological, sanitary, social ...

« The place for animals is not in a cage. No cage, no matter how big and comfortable it is can make an animal happy. But those in which the animals who are to be eaten survive are indecent and cruel. The law of profit can no longer despise the respect and dignity of animals! »
Muriel Arnal, Founding President of One Voice

What is the "ICE"?

One Voice is one of 130 European associations supporting the Initiative of Citizens of European (ICE) launched by CIWF with a great fanfare in Brussels at the end of September 2018.

This ICE is a procedure that allows the European population to draw the attention of its representatives to a subject that is particularly dear to their heart, and gives it a chance to influence decisions. It is one of the participatory democracy tools of the European Union. For this, an authenticated signature is required. The approach is more framed than signing a petition, but the principle is the same and the data is secure, of course and destroyed at the end of the process.

We need everyone to get involved !

At least one million Europeans must sign ICE to have a chance to permanently put an end to cages, and this throughout the European Union. What a step forward it would be!

It remains barely a few months to reach the million signatures, and in France we are still too few who have signed! This is a cause that must go far beyond our circles of influence and flood the entire population! So less than six months from the end of the signature collection period, it is high time to commit, please sign and get this initiative signed around you, online or in print!

Everyone should commit to living a life without animals. It's a decent life that we have to offer them. It's really the bare minimum ...

To learn more about the subject, visit the dedicated page and on the networks, spread the word with #EndTheCageAge!

Julia Mothé
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Ramses | Wednesday 17 June 2020

Tous ces pauvres animaux ne votent pas, donc ils n'intéressent aucun politique.
Les cirques avec animaux sont une abomination, mais des humains imbéciles y emmènent leurs enfants.

leelo | Wednesday 04 December 2019


Marie | Thursday 21 November 2019

Tout simplement dégueulasse, ce sont des êtres vivants, réveillez-vous !

Marie | Thursday 21 November 2019

Je trouve cela inhumain: tellement de souffrance... Quand allez-vous vous rendre compte que ce sont des êtres vivants ?