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Mina and Kamala, still struggling within the circus

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Criticized for its actions with wildlife, the Medrano circus has released their big game this summer. With a great deal of communication, he opened the doors of his business to the public to prove how happy "his" animals were. Many visitors were seduced by his polished speech. And the austere place of detention of the elephants Mina and Kamala has emerged as an idyllic vacation spot for some. Some clarification required here.

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It is well known: "The bigger it is, the more it makes". Propagandists of all kinds have understood this for a long time. Circassians exploiting wild animals in the worst conditions are no exception to the rule. Some do not hesitate to proclaim their love for their four-legged "teammates", their will to act for the protection of species and respect for other living beings! ... Cirque Medrano is one of them. Behind this false façade are the charming smiles and beautiful speeches, he prides himself on being very caring for his "residents" and contributing to a better world.

In the paradise of the Camargue "jungle"

Thus, last summer, during its traditional annual break, the troop decided to open the doors of its business - located in Aimargues (30) - to the public and the media. "We had the idea of organizing some guided tours so that people would enjoy approaching the animals, but also that they would find that they were healthy and happy," said the director of the establishment at one of the visits. And hey, it works! From May to September, young and old were able to access this "Jungle Park" and its "Ark" to admire llamas, dromedaries, yaks, cows or ponies "in near freedom" according to the referent of the site, quoted by Midi Libre. For an hour this was skilfully orchestrated, tourists also had the opportunity to be moved by the hugs of a tamer towards her “big babies” the tigers and to attend one of the “five daily showers” of elephants Mina and Kamala, the former co-detainees of Lechmee… The latter, also captured as a child within her free family in Asia, is finally retired after 40 years of slavery, thanks to the pressure that we exerted on this circus. But the establishment affirms today, without blushing, to have decided by itself to give respite to the old lady ... Because at Medrano, "we love animals! "

Mina and Kamala are in danger

Unfortunately, Mina and Kamala are still subjected to forced labour and ridiculous acrobatics obtained by the use of pikes. Both in their 50s, they have sacrificed their lives enough to the whims of their captors. When will they taste a life of peace and tranquillity? For the moment, it is enough to observe them, to measure their immense distress. When they are at rest, not summoned to parade through the streets or hoist their bruised bodies upon stools, they sink into lethargy. Their muddy baths only show a slight change to an uninformed public. Their daily reality is quite different. In a paddock devoid of enrichment, without the slightest place to take refuge and privacy, watered with a garden hose that they suck like a rescue straw, they are exposed to the eyes, their own eyes empty of hope. Like metronomes they swing their trunks backwards and forwards to every second, they have nothing to do but follow the tempo of their continual boredom.

Outlaw Circus

By opening its menagerie to onlookers, the Medrano circus says it wants to be transparent, but in fact only sprinkles glitter on its business. Worse, it acts illegally and puts both humans and animals in danger. As we immediately informed the Prefecture of Gard, the operator has neither the necessary authorization nor the criteria required to meet the regulatory obligations of the facilities of zoological establishments presenting wild individuals to the public. Regarding Mina and Kamala, they are kept away from children by a simple low intensity electrical tape! What will happen if one or the other decides to escape one day?

Following our alerts, the Prefecture of Gard ended up revoking its circus permit to open before the start of the summer season. Alas, at the start of this fall, the itinerant spectacle resumed the road towards Brittany with, this time, the approval of the Prefect of the Côtes-d'Armor. We have just ordered him to report the operator’s offenses again. Will our call be followed up by an answer? If not, we will take them to court! Whatever happens, we will continue to fight so that Mina and Kamala get out of this hell hole as quickly as possible!

Marie-Sophie Bazin
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Penelope | Saturday 12 October 2019

Tant qu'il n'y aura pas d'interdiction totale de détenir des animaux sauvages cela va encore durer longtemps.

Mumu | Friday 11 October 2019

Bravo pour votre combat sans relâche. La vie de ces animaux captifs des circassiens sans conscience n'est qu'un long calvaire sans fin. Tant de souffrances, pourquoi ? Comment des préfets peuvent-ils accepter le cauchemar de ces animaux ? Comment des gens peuvent-ils encore amener leurs enfants se réjouir de leur martyr quotidien ?

Soph | Friday 11 October 2019

Continuez à vous battre et courage. Elles doivent avoir une fin de vie heureuse.

MD58 | Thursday 10 October 2019

Nos politiques qui sont pourtant censés nous représenter et ne se privent pas de prononcer des discours moralisateurs tous azimuts font montre d'un silence assourdissant dans ce genre d'affaire ! Mais où sont-ils donc ?