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Micha, Bony, Glasha: Silence, the mistreatment that continues behind the scenes in circuses!

Micha, Bony, Glasha: Silence, the mistreatment that continues behind the scenes in circuses!

Mis à jour le 18 November 2019

Micha, is still in a critical condition and requires urgent care. Bony and Glasha are being ignored by the public authorities, despite of their state of health and conditions of detention. As we launch emergency procedures for them, the Prefect conveniently requests silence from the zoo-sanctuary. Do the authorities perceive the PR disaster that is coming after turning a blind eye for so many years? For Bony, Glasha and Micha, we will not be silent!

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After regaining forty kilos and returning to a state of healthiness from that of a previously unhealthy state, Micha’s condition has become very concerning. In recent days, he has required emergency attention. In order to be able to help him, the zoo-sanctuary has had to beg for permission from the Poliakov’s to treat the bear- because yes, the torturous couple still own Micha !

A code of silence from the public authorities

In the online press release and the open letter Published by the prefecture three days after the filing of our appeal against it, the authorities boast of having obtained the consent from the owners, while expressly demanding that Micha’s condition be kept silent. Would the Prefecture try to put a leaden weight upon what these three bears have already endured? This code of silence around Micha’s health worries us about the survival of Bony and Glasha lingering in the depths of their infamous jails.

These outlaw trainers, still protected

During the ten years that Bony, Glasha and Micha were locked in the 2 m² cages of a circus truck, the authorities closed their eyes. Then they continued to keep their eyes closed when the bears found themselves locked in dungeons in disgusting conditions, beaten on all sides by the wind, exposed to diseases, etc. And this has been going on for 7 years. How can these trainers be so well protected? How can we treat these animals with such impunity?

Our attack, has triggered a response from the Prefect

With this announcement, would the Prefecture hope to disarm those who defend Micha, Bony and Glasha?

A few days before its publication, Tuesday, November 5th 2019, we filed a suite on the merits for the excess of power, against its inertia, its poor appreciation of the situation, and its silence in the face of our requests for the last two months.

Friday, November 8th, 2019, we also filed an urgent suspension:

  1. to have the trainer's certificate of competence withdrawn,

  2. cancel their authorization to open

  3. and to seize Bony, Glasha and the others animals from the clutches of the Poliakov’s.

Attempt to justify the unjustifiable

No, Mr Prefect, until the month of September all was not well! Maggots do not just appear in a matter of a few days in a living being, nor does serious malnutrition and nor does the greenish traces seen in the bottom of the feeding troughs. There is also the matter of rats in the dungeons and in the enclosure. How is it that the Poliakov’s were able to drag poor Micha into a performance with a certificate from a vet? (We question this horse vet! - in front of the Council of Order).

In conclusion, the Poliakov’s only allow the care of their animals when they are absolutely obliged to do so. The Prefecture does not wish for this mistreatment to be known. Also, since we have to get there ..., our lawsuits continue on to get the truth and to secure the rescue of the other animals.

The hearing of our interim-suspension against the inaction of the Prefect will take place on November 28th at the Administrative Court of Orleans.

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