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Mark Randell tells us about the training on the Link carried out by Greek and Ukrainian police

Mark Randell tells us about the training on the Link carried out by Greek and Ukrainian police

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In Greece and the Ukraine, the police are trained in the theme of the Link. Mark Randell shares his perspective as Operations Director at Hidden-in-Sight.

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The Panhellenic Federation for the Protection of Animals

Many animal welfare associations and other stakeholders are now talking about "the Link" and "the Cycle of Violence ". Police officers recognize that animal abuse and violence against humans are intertwined, but many opportunities have been missed for decades because this awareness has not been translated into action. Lives have been lost, and unfortunately, violence and crime have occurred while they could have been avoided if the early warning indicators had been taken into account.

I became acquainted with a very professional organization, active in Greece, the Panhellenic Animal Protection Federation (PFO), which enjoys a very good reputation in professional circles and whose strategy can truly advance the protection of animals in Greece. This strategy includes the training of NGOs, police personnel and prosecutors whose responsibility is to enforce the law.

It’s not just about raising awareness of animal welfare issues, but also about how to identify the "Cycle of Violence" and how to solve the problem. In November 2015, the launch of this program took place at the Benaki Museum in Athens. He was well received and gave a powerful boost to the process. Over the next eighteen months, many negotiations took place, considerable planning took place, and much convincing evidence was introduced.

In September 2017, the next phase made a sensational debut in the Greek police training program. Very well organized and innovative, this initiative has largely overshadowed the application of the law as it is observed in Europe, which is remarkable for a country facing significant financial and political problems.

« In the space of two weeks, 200 police officers from mainland Greece and the Greek islands were trained on the" Violence Cycle "and the link between animal abuse and human abuse. »
Mark Randell, Director of Operations at Hidden-in-Sight

This is a very remarkable result, and this sharing of knowledge makes it possible to consider the possibility of making a real difference for animals and for society.

Avant-garde Ukrainian police on the theme of the Link

The awareness of the hitherto neglected link between animal abuse and various anti-social activities such as murder, child abuse and domestic violence is spreading across the European continent today and is increasing, authorities in various countries, apply this concept to improve the quality of life in society. This week they reached the Ukraine, the first training in the "Link" activities in the Ukraine took place in Kiev in 2018.

It was a structured training program for animal welfare associations, municipal officials and Kiev police officials. This program highlighted what we already know and the positive impact that the fight against animal abuse would have on current strategies and priorities, as well as on community relations. He was very well received and the Ukrainian police are very avant-garde in their approach.

« This training is about to be given also to the 2,000 policemen of the municipality of Kiev. »
Mark Randell, Director of Operations at Hidden-in-Sight

It will focus primarily on police patrols and animal welfare NGOs, and will also focus on how to respond quickly to animal abuse, taking into account the possibility of a relationship with others, offences or crimes that are "hidden". For the new police services formed since their independence, it will be necessary to take charge of the establishment of a constant practice in the recognition of the Link. Knowing that these representatives of the order will be the first responders to the crime scene, we consider it essential that the training be focused on this side. We thank the Ukraine for its foresight in adopting this approach to address animal welfare issues and the prevention of violence.

This training has already been provided to the police officials of Kiev, it must also be provided to the 2,000 patrol officers, and it must extend to a wider audience. Training was also provided to municipal officials, who are now developing new processes in the field of animal welfare, and to some of the most motivated animal welfare associations. It basically explains why it is important to deal with animal abuse, what are the links with other forms of delinquency and criminality? How rare is it that it is exercised independently of anything else, and how to prevent crimes related to this? Treating these issues professionally is also a way to build trust with the public.

It is not uncommon at all to see cases of extreme violence against people, which might have been avoided if the warning signs had been identified and if had been followed up. This is one of the reasons why crimes and crimes against animals are now part of the FBI's indicators.

In the Ukraine, for example, a group of young men who tortured and hanged stray animals then murdered 21 people one after the other. Knowing that the organization fighting for animal rights can bring back 50 000 euros and that this activity can be in connection with drugs, firearms and even child pornography, it would be advisable for the police to see their possibilities of prevention rather than an extra charge.

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Audrey | Monday 11 February 2019

Beaucoup savent aujourd’hui qu’avant de maltraiter un humain, la personne violente s’en est pris bien avant à des animaux sans défense ! Il serait temps que chaque état prenne à bras le corps le problème afin que tout violence sur les animaux soit punie sévèrement comme il se doit afin de les protéger d’une part et éviter l’escalade inacceptable !

explorateur | Saturday 09 February 2019

Il est vraiment navrant d'attendre les années 2000 pour enfin prendre conscience de ce que tout un chacun doit avoir au plus profond de lui: maltraiter un animal -quel qu'il soit- n'est guère éloigné de la maltraitance d'un autre être vivant...

Anne | Friday 08 February 2019

Il est évident que l'être qui ne ressent aucune empathie envers les animaux n'en ressent pas non plus pour ses semblables. Celui qui violente un animal, violentera dès qu'il en aura la possibilité un être humain vulnérable.

Isa | Friday 08 February 2019

Deux bonnes nouvelles ! ça fait du bien de voir qu'on est pas seul au monde à se préoccuper du bien être de tous les êtres vivants !
Merci à One voice de porter la voie de tous ses animaux qu'on ne considère pas assez! MERCI MERCI MERCI !