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La Redoute intensifies its efforts against the use of fur!

La Redoute intensifies its efforts against the use of fur!

Mis à jour le 25 November 2019

Affiliated with our Fur Free Retailer program, La Redoute is committed to no longer selling animal fur since 2017. This commitment applies both to its own brand and to the products of other brands that appear in its catalogue. Following feedback from customers pointing out items made from fur on the marketplace * which is part of their website, La Redoute has been very attentive. To ensure that this situation does not happen again, it has taken action.

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Engaged with us for two years now in the program Fur Free Retailer, La Redoute categorically refuses to sell fur products. However, because of automated systems used by sellers or just simply human error, products containing fur were put on sale on their website. La Redoute, alerted by One Voice, immediately doubled its efforts! In addition to setting up an email address to be altered about fur products, a new feature has been added in the seller’s product search. Keywords such as "fur" are now "blacklisted" unless they are accompanied by words such as "imitation" or "false", the software now recognizes this. The sellers proposing to sell fake fur are now invited to specify this so as to be able to publish their products. Others sellers are reminded of the ban on selling these products on the La Redoute website. A commitment that should be hailed a loud and clear!

Today, more than 900 brands are available on our dedicated website that have obtained the Fur Free Retailer label. It is thanks to your mobilization and your vigilance that this change has taken place. By joining forces, we can create a better, humane tomorrow for all those innocent individuals !

Every year, forty-five million animals are raised and killed in terrible conditions for their fur. Forty-five million sentient beings, crammed into tiny cages, alone or in groups. Mink, in the wild, like to live peacefully at the edge of watercourses, find themselves deprived of their freedom. Foxes can no longer raise their young in the forest, rabbits no longer dig burrows, nor play in the tall grass. On these farms, there is no river, no blade of grass, only a foul odour and cages piled up on top of one another. It's barely possible for these individuals to move.

Soon, many of them will develop stereotypical behaviours and sometimes will go as far as self-harming, or they will fight with those who share the same cage, because of the promiscuity and stress generated by these conditions of detention. Their death will be as terrible as their lives: electrocution, gassing, poisoning are the methods commonly used in this industry, to avoid any blood stains on the pelt.

*A "marketplace" that connects independent sellers and customers. A classic merchandize website that therefore provides sellers a sales area.

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ba&sh’s animal welfare policy recognised by the Fur Free Retailer programme Fur: more than 1,500,000 signatures to put an end to this industry in Europe!

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MARC | Saturday 06 April 2019

Pour le maintien en vie de ces animaux

Eddie | Thursday 04 April 2019

This brutality must end NOW and DIRECT!!! how can politicians in some European countries support this with taxpayer money!!!

pouguy | Thursday 04 April 2019

j'espère que les promesses seront tenues, à vérifier. ces animaux ne méritent pas d'etre sur nos épaules mais de vivre dans la nature en toute harmonie

mumu | Thursday 04 April 2019

la redoute très attentive aux arguments de "one voice", quel bonheur ! cette entreprise très connue aura son influence en matière d'éthique et gagnera de nouveaux clients.et puis Jesko, ce chien de gardiennage maltraité et négligé, une joie immense m'envahit car il est sauvé, il mérite le meilleur ! bravo one voice !