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Justice for Cersei

Justice for Cersei

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An animal obviously trafficked, Cersei was taken from her mother in her early weeks of life. This little lioness was found in great distress by customs officials, on the premises of a Marseille garage, a year ago. Taken care of quickly, she was able to be saved. How many wild beasts, often born in circuses, are still regularly victims of this trade? The culprits must be condemned! For Cersei, we will be present at the hearing November 4th.

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Cersei was in a deplorable state when seized by the customs services in October 2018. Locked in the premises of a Marseille car garage, the little lioness - only a few weeks old and therefore not weaned - showed multiple signs of abuse. Her almost hairless body revealed scarlet skin, the result of acute inflammation. With a very swollen belly and eyes with corneal ulcers, this poor little girl was sweating in fear and pain. Thanks to the intervention of the authorities, she was first entrusted to the Marseille SPA, then transferred by the gendarmes to the Tonga Terre d'Accueil association, where it received care for a year. Recently, she was taken by plane that was organized by the Born Free Foundation to a sanctuary in South Africa. Cersei is now out of danger !

The tragic fate of lion cubs

This happy outcome should not obscure the tragedy of the case. What was Cersei doing in the hands of an individual ? Torn from her mother, certainly the captive of a circus where births are not followed up by the authorities. We immediately lodged a complaint on her behalf in October 2018. Her jailer is a well-known individual with the police force and has a very rich record. He was notably condemned for acts of robbery with a weapon and the kidnapping of his own daughter, which earned him a stay in prison ! And there is no lack of assurance here. During the hearings, the garage owner embarked on explanations that were full of words but vague, even going so far as to consider himself as the saviour of Cersei !

Protect the big cats from traffic

We have brought a civil action against this man for the acts of detention of a protected species without authorization, as well as for the detention of specimens classified as wild species threatened with extinction. The hearing will take place this Monday, November 4th 2019 at 8:30 a.m. at the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Marseille. We hope that light will be shed on the origins of Cersei who is a sanctuary, unlike his mother ...

Help for captive wildlife!

On October 8th 2018, a new decree had officially attempted to specify the conditions for keeping non-domestic animals. But the rules were still far too vague ! They did not close the door on the worst trafficking of all because they only supervised the detention of "adult" individuals.

Thus, young animals who have not yet reached reproductive age were not protected by the law and their "owners" could do things that were uncontrolled! Anyone wishing to acquire a baby elephant or furnish their living room with a baby hippopotamus did not need to burden themselves with prior authorization and a certificate of competence or even a simple declaration.

We therefore petitioned a civil action for excess of power against this order in December 2018, followed by an interim measure in suspension. The summary judge of the Council of the State heard us on January 23rd and it is a magnificent victory !

Photos de Cersei bébé : Copyright Alexandre Blanchon
Photos de Cersei en Afrique du Sud : Copyright Born Free Foundation

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Tosca | Wednesday 06 November 2019

Prison et très forte amende

benoit | Tuesday 05 November 2019

qu'on laisse les animaux vivre en paix stop aux barbaries !

Astrid | Tuesday 05 November 2019

Intolérable ! Pauvre animal...
A condamner très sévèrement !

Jo | Tuesday 05 November 2019

Respectons ces merveilles que sont les animaux