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Investigation on a fur farm in Slovakia

Investigation on a fur farm in Slovakia

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As part of its campaign to end the breeding of animals for fur in Slovakia, the association Humánny pokrok, member of the Fur Free Alliance and partner of One Voice, has launched a petition which we invite you to sign.

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This petition, which already promises to be a success, is part of the campaign "ide o chlp" ("it's hair") led by Humánny pokrok against the breeding of animals for fur. In particular, this association calls for the closure of the only mink farm in Slovakia in Príbovce, near Martin, where between 4,500 and 5,000 American mink are housed.

Hell, for animals

Fur farms are a living hell for animals, who are deprived of any opportunity to meet their various natural needs, whether mink, foxes or chinchillas. A survey that we carried out in mink farms in France in 2016 confirms the immeasurable horror of this life of confinement.

The investigation carried out in Slovakia by Humánny pokrok reveals that mink - though semi-aquatic animals, solitary, territorial hunters - spend their whole lives crammed together in small cages of less than 1 m² and without bedding, surrounded by their excrement. They cannot run, hide themselves, lie down, or even sleep.

Crazy animals

The wire mesh floor of the cages hurts their paws. Often their wounds become infected and some die a slow and painful death. In such unnatural conditions, mink go crazy, behave stereotypically and attack each other. Cannibalism is not uncommon, as evidenced by the many photographs and videos from our Slovak partners.

At the end of their sad and brief existence, animals are gassed if they are not skinned alive.

A serious source of pollution

It happens that individuals escape from the cages, and when they are not injured or killed by the farm dog, they invest in an ecosystem to which they are strangers, to the detriment of biodiversity, as is happening now, right in the vicinity of the Montarlot farm. These farms are also a serious source of soil and water pollution.

A cruelty in the service of futile desires

This extremely cruel industry and this appalling suffering of mink and other fur animals exists only to satisfy futile desires and fashion whims: coats or accessories such as collars, sleeves, pom-poms and pendants.

The barbaric practice of fur farming is already banned in many countries, including 13 European countries. A ban is already being considered in Slovakia to end it: help us make it happen, sign the petition of Humánny pokrok !

We are helping to guide you into buying humane fashion items until the ban on these fur farms becomes widespread all over the world.

Marc Rozenbaum
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Joanna sfk | Saturday 11 May 2019

Je souhaite signer la pétition.

One Voice | Tuesday 14 May 2019

Bonjour Joanna, voici le lien vers la pétition: .
Merci pour votre engagement !

Stéphane | Monday 06 May 2019

Il est temps de fermer ces fermes ignobles !
Pétition signée

Annie | Tuesday 23 April 2019

La lecture de la maltraitance des animaux à fourrure et leur exploitation pour des modes vestimentaires, alors que les fourrures synthétiques peuvent aussi être très belles est insoutenable. Il est grand temps de mettre fin au martyr de ces pauvres petites victimes innocentes et aux problèmes écologiques qu'engendrent ces élevages sordides.

jacques et elvire | Tuesday 23 April 2019

Il faut absolument pouvoir faire fermer cette ferme à fourrure de Slovaquie. Que de souffrances atroces pour ces pauvres visons et autres animaux! J'espère que nous serons assez nombreux afin de faire cesser cette barbarie.