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From primary forests to the urban jungle: Manu clothing label

From primary forests to the urban jungle: Manu clothing label

Mis à jour le 13 May 2020

The last brand labelled FFR by One Voice from Lacoste does not get overlooked! On the contrary, it is adorned with its finest attire and parades on the podiums. Currently in a showroom, the Manu collection by Manu Ithier is the launching pad for this line of streetwear with Southern accents and feline eyes. Guaranteed fur-free sneakers and sweatshirts: the high-end of tomorrow's urban fashion ... sorry: today's!

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The young 32-year-old designer has just formalized the commitment of his brand, both contemporary and with ethnic accents, not to use fur at all, and to go even further in the years to come with the use of vegetable leather.

Double commitment for animals!

Our partnership allows part of the benefits of the fall-winter range of the "Manu" collection (on sale soon on his website), currently in a showroom at Milan Fashion Week, to go directly to animals and the wild universe which Manu Ithier was inspired for the next season. Because he wants to assert loudly his commitment to the planet and to animals. Foxes, minks, chinchillas ... all these poor beings must stop being held in cages and then killed in excruciating pain for the vanity of the few.

Youth and know-how

To dress the feet and to clothe his contemporaries flows through the veins of Manu Ithier. Born into the world of fashion within a family that often travelled, he made this travels the foundation of his inspiration.

The modernity of its line seems to come out of the most modern Asian conceptions, this is no wonder for someone who visits Hong Kong on regular basis. His sneakers are high, designed as futuristic objects and of absolute comfort, as we imagine that can be lynx or puma pads. After growing up in France, Brazil and Spain, we also find Manu's Latin origins in his name, as well as in his materials, many of which come from Italy (including know-how), where he currently stays for part of the year.

A partnership with One Voice, it’s obvious ...

Manu Ithier is an urban designer, who incorporates leopard spots and cats’ eyes in his prints. All this could only be in accordance with the philosophy of One Voice, whose logo is a tiger and which is so open to the world!

What could be better to counterbalance the start of the school year, when the stores are going to fill up again with pieces tainted with cruelty, than labelling the Fur Free Retailer program with a young and urban collection like "Manu"? Quality streetwear, the "jungle" against the use of fur? We can only applaud this and we advise you to run and do the same!

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ba&sh’s animal welfare policy recognised by the Fur Free Retailer programme Fur: more than 1,500,000 signatures to put an end to this industry in Europe!

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trochu | Monday 14 October 2019

Et bien BRAVO ET BRAVO ET IMMENSE MERCI à ce jeune qui a compris déjà que les animaux sont tous DES ETRES VIVANTS autant que nous et qu'ils n'ont pas à être torturés, maltraités, subir les pires des atrocités et horreurs inqualifiables pour "la mode" à tous ses niveaux. Cela me fait très chaud au coeur vraiment de savoir qu'il y a et y aura de plus en plus de hauts couturiers et autres personnes qui gravitent dans le monde de la mode, de s'engager complètement et entièrement pour la cause animale en refusant la fourrure, le cuir, la laine, la soie et tous autres produits issus des animaux. Nous devons tous agir en dénonçant la fourrure et tous ces produits issus de la souffrance, de l'exploitation, de la barbarie et de la torture, nous sommes en 2019 et franchement, il y a tellement de beaux et exceptionnels vêtements et chaussures synthétiques ou végans, n'oublions pas d'informer et sensibiliser les gens au maximum.