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Dog training: the law of the strongest?

Dog training: the law of the strongest?

Mis à jour le 21 April 2020

We are to be sued by the High Court of Valencia for having, it is said, "tainted the entirety of a profession" by denouncing some of the methods that are used in dog training circles, images and testimonies to support.

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They had asked for a postponement of the hearing, we did not oppose it, it was up to the court to decide.

On November 5th, the President of the 1st Chamber categorically opposed any dismissal, even in the short term, believing that the case was in good condition. There was therefore no argument. The matter was put under deliberation ration on January 14th 2020.

The survey dates back to 2014-2017. Several reported cases have led our investigators to infiltrate dog training centres. They brought back facts, images and statements that are spine chilling.

A report, supported by the analysis of a behaviourist veterinarian, and articles followed, reporting unprecedented brutality against dogs, committed in front of children (a fine example of education). We have produced scientific studies on the damage that can result from such activities, which psychologically break individuals to subject them to the law of the "master".

For having presented these facts, around thirty professionals are asking us today for more than 170,000 euros for "collective denigration".

Freedom of expression!

We are accused of misinformation when raw facts were filmed and we have also highlighted the training centres of this profession practicing methods of care, for balanced dogs and not to be traumatized, those who are willingly to learn are abandoned if they do not obey the finger and the eye.

By underlining the Link, this scientifically substantiated relationship between violence committed against animals and that against humans in the vicinity, we have highlighted the fact that brutality is neither an end in itself nor as animal psychology, but that it can have serious consequences. This remains visibly incomprehensible to many canine educators ...

A question of respect above all

If the investigations of the Zoé Cell, our ear on the ground against cruelty, produced scenes of maltreatment proven in various canine clubs, whose fault is it? One Voice has only denounced a pedagogy based on training and brutality, highlighting its shortcomings and consequences while stressing that other canine education methods, ethical and sustainable, exist ...

As a non-violent association committed for 25 years in the respect of all animals, we are proud to have denounced practices unworthy of fear of seeing them become widespread. We repeat: there is a positive and non-violent education of dogs provided by professionals. Many dogs are affected and we are talking about respect for others. We hope for the foresight of justice. Otherwise all excesses are allowed, the debate is no longer public and no progress is possible.

Frédéric Rideau
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Ronny87 | Saturday 04 January 2020

Bonjour et merci pour ce super blog sur le dressage de chien. Je suis un lecteur régulier et j'apprécie la qualité des articles.
Merci et à bientôt sur d'autres articles.

Majdouline | Saturday 09 November 2019

Ces vidéos sont surréalistes et d'un autre âge, ùerci de combattre ces inhumains.
Merci de votre action.
Les principes de non-violence doivent être défendus et par nous tous.

Ganesh | Friday 08 November 2019

Merci pour votre lutte sans faille et courage, ils ont tant besoin de vous et de nous, le mal ne doit pas gagner !

Sara B | Thursday 07 November 2019

Quelle horreur !
J'espère que ces soi-disant éducateurs se verront retirer leur droit d'exercer.
J'ai éduqué ma chienne avec la technique d'éducation positive basée sur la récompense et ma chienne écoute très bien et est épanouie. Pas besoin de brutalité.
Bravo et merci pour votre combat.