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Dog training: The solidarity of hundreds of dog trainers

Dog training: The solidarity of hundreds of dog trainers

Mis à jour le 09 April 2020

For these hundreds of professionals, our investigation into dog training and the violent techniques used in this type of education is a relief for them. Professional trainers join with us to denounce "these heinous acts described and proven by (our) videos", encouraging us to persevere in our actions! They oppose those who have attacked us in court: they do not represent these people. Their solidarity touches our hearts and strengthens our determination to help the dogs who suffer at the hands of these violent dog trainers.

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Contrary to the claims of the thirty or so trainers who have brought us to court, we have not been denounced by the dog training world, rather the opposite “the integrity of real professionals”. As proof, the solidarity of three hundred and fifty-seven professionals (to date) who along with individuals have been moved by our undercover investigation. These people were able to have their say, those who speak very rarely in public.

Enough is enough!

Several recent publications by those who claim to be spokespersons on social networks have put light to the powder keg. Those in the dog training industry and who have nothing to hide support us and want to say it loud and clear: they do not feel " unfairly criticize" or "accused" by our investigations. On the contrary, they have mixed feelings, our survey has never questioned the practices or values of dog educators as a whole, far from what has been targeted.

United against the violence!

To put an end to these barbaric methods, we will always call for a ban on training dogs to bite and the training of so-called defence dogs, transforming them into weapons by means of violent training methods. We repeat, every dog deserves to live in a loving home. A good communication and complicity between human and dog cannot be based on shouting, hitting and nor the pain caused by collars with sharp spikes or collars that discharge electric shocks... And in this venture, we are all united, associations, professionals and individuals, against a minority who practice this harmful method of training towards our companions of more than 30,000 years, dogs!

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Françoise | Saturday 14 March 2020

Tout à fait d'accord

Axe | Thursday 14 November 2019

On ne dresse pas un chien, on l'éduque.

Monique | Tuesday 12 November 2019

Présidente d'un club d'éducation canine, je partage la vision de One Voice. Le chien est notre plus ancien partenaire qui nous a lui-même choisi il y a des milliers d'années. Nous lui devons respect et bienveillance pour le guider dans un univers qui lui est maintenant totalement étranger. La façon dont nous traitons nos animaux en dit long sur nos propres turpitudes.

Fouine71 | Tuesday 12 November 2019

C'est une honte et ils font défaut aux vrais éducateurs qui aiment leurs métiers et qui le font dans le respect de l'animal.