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Death of a tigress: Mevy escaped from the circus, her trainer pulled the trigger

In Paris, "city of lights", a young tigress was killed on Friday 24th November 2017. Having escaped from the circus, which had obviously not respected the safety standards, Mevy was shot down by her trainer. Angry, One Voice is pressing charges. Wild animals must be in the wild and not kept in a circus trailer!

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One Voice presses charges for a failure in safety.

Whether the circus people utter the words sabotage by “animalists” or not, we are convinced of their inability to safely keep animals that they possess and de facto they do not comply with the requirements of the 2011 decree.
And what should we think of public safety or of the neighbouring populations after Friday’s sinister accident?

We accept that there may always be a chance of human error, but is it really necessary to run the risk of seeing wild animals escaping from cages? Must we get to the point of shooting animals down to protect humans? Wouldn’t it be more logical to allow the animals? Disgusted by Mévy, the tigresses’ sad fate, we complain about the damage to the physical integrity of the animal.

Mevy was killed because she showed a natural behavior in escaping from her cage, perhaps this was the only time she could afford to show this in her life: wild animals have no place in circuses!

Mevy’s life in the circuses

The tigress was only 18 months old when she was shot and her existence has merely been one of exploitation for the benefit of entertainment. To give an idea of her daily routine, she had to face long journeys in trucks, sharing living accommodation with 8 other congeners, while the tiger is a solitary animal, and to endure violent training sessions to learn how to parade and stand on stools. In the wild, there are only 3,500 tigers left. Their preservation is vital. Their place is not in circuses.

One Voice, the whistle blower

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. One Voice has, on several occasions, alerted the authorities of the risks incurred by animals in circuses and by the population in their vicinity. During the summer, elephants have "paraded" in the streets without any sanction being given, whether from the Prefects or the Ministry. How many deaths will it take for the authorities to react? Must we recall the sad case of Samba in 2013; the elephant that killed a man while trying to escape from a circus. But why do all these animals want to flee from circuses, despite receiving, we are told, so much love from their trainers?

If, like us, you are appalled to see the same nonsense repeatedly: join us Saturday, December 2, 2017 at 15h, a few steps from the circus Bormann Moreno in Paris, in front of France Television for a rally for Mévy, and all the others.

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asg | Thursday 30 November 2017

pour répondre à cocoon, pensez vous qu'un tigre en liberté dans les rues soit un danger réel??? pour info, il aurai fallu attendre près d'une heure pour avoir un vétérinaire équipé pour endormir l'animal; son propriétaire a préféré le tuer car cela représentait un danger pour les gens dans la rue. de plus, la sécurité de la cage aurait été sabotée (chaine tronçonnée!!)quant à ce monsieur, outre le fait qu'il reçoivent des menaces de mort pour lui et sa famille, je l'ai également vu sur un jt et moi je l'ai trouvé affecté! alors, qu'on interdise les animaux de cirque, soit, mais qu'on n'accable pas un homme qui a perdu un animal, avant tout, de compagnie; il l'a élevée au biberon! quand à ceux qui gueulent encore plus fort parce qu'un animal sauvage doit être dans la nature (et c'est bien vrai) qu'ils relâchent leurs reptiles et autres NAC; ceux là aussi sont des animaux sauvages!

Kakkkks | Thursday 30 November 2017

Et dire qu'on dit humanité et animosité il y a un grave problème dans le dico. Les bons termes ne sont pas attribués aux bonnes espèces.

babou | Thursday 30 November 2017

Si tous ces chasseurs continuent leurs exactions comme si de rien n' était, c' est encore à cause d' une question d' électorat et il faudrait absolument trouver un subterfuge pour arrêter tout ça au nom de la politique !

ouily | Thursday 30 November 2017

Pour l'information il n'y a que les vétérinaires qui ont le droit de posséder un fusil hypodermique, si cette tigresse a pu s'échapper c'est bien qu'il y a eu vandalisme.

ONE VOICE | Friday 01 December 2017

les propriétaires de cirque sont tenus de sécuriser les accès à leurs installations et à leurs animaux, d'autant plus les animaux sauvages.

asg | Friday 01 December 2017

justement, il y aurait bien eu sabotage, en l’occurrence, la chaine aurait été sectionnée!