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Cooky's torturer stands before the judges

Cooky's torturer stands before the judges

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Next May 20th we will defend the memory of the dog Cooky whose life was savagely taken away by a trap. We filed a complaint against the person who had left him dying for days without helping him. His trial begins at the Auch Criminal Court where we will be fighting to demand that justice is done.

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A drama that shook the senses. On November 29th 2018, Cooky did not return home. Distraught, his family looked for him everywhere without quitting, searching through the areas where he would have a daily run. Alas, a week after his disappearance, a sinister phone call which sounded like the death knell for his family, destroying their last hopes: a man contacted them, he came with a corpse in his arms ... He wanted to get rid of the body ... It was Cooky. This man was his executioner. The investigation quickly revealed that he had let the dog in agony for several days, caught by the throat in a trap intended for foxes !

A trial for an act of cruelty

We have filed a complaint against the person responsible for this despicable act that caused a death! He will appear on May 20th before the Correctional Court of Auch. We have the documents to prove that the defendant had knowingly decided to leave Cooky to suffocate in excruciating pain. We know on December 1st he had installed a spring trap on his property and that it had been trigged trapping a dog. However, he did not release the dog, even though he had heard people calling for their lost companion. However, this man preferred to let the animal suffer in agony right until the end!

The autopsy shows that Cooky's death was caused "by strangulation with partial crushing of the tissues of the neck and larynx (...)". She also notes "the presence of stomach fluid in the trachea contributing to the asphyxiation of the dog by a reaction of the lungs following a false swallowing caused by strangulation or by the fact that the dog had struggled". Thus, Cooky experienced intense physical pain and terrible anguish while he was suffocating ...We will be alongside his grieving family at the trial to defend his memory and to demand that his torturer be sentenced and receive the maximum sentence !

Marie-Sophie Bazin
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mumu | Thursday 26 September 2019

J'espère que le tribunal d'Auch vous donnera raison, en mémoire de Cooky martyrisé, paix à son âme ! Total soutien à vous, même si je ne peux pas commenter tous vos articles, je vous soutiens car vous avez de la compassion et vos analyses sont justes !

Marie | Saturday 25 May 2019

Les animaux ne sont pas des meubles, ils doivent être considérés comme des êtres vivants égaux aux êtres humains.
Prison ferme et forte amende pour les maltraitances et les abandons !

Dany | Sunday 19 May 2019

Je sais tout ça mais j'en arrive à ne plus pouvoir le lire parfois tellement ça m'impacte de douleurs, de dégoût et de chagrin. Je ne souhaite pas de mal à mon pire ennemi, mais LA JUSTICE OUI !
Ne laissez pas passer ça c'est TROP GRAVE. Appétence au mal des autres ! Et mise à exécution en plus. JUGEZ JUSTE.

moumousse21 | Sunday 19 May 2019