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Concern for kangaroos around Australian election time

Concern for kangaroos around Australian election time

Mis à jour le 25 November 2019

Considered as pests, kangaroos are victims of mass killings in Australia, as the preview of the French documentary "Kangaroo, a love-hate story" it was denounced last June during our screening. The food and luxury industries have not stopped trading in kangaroos within Europe, as our continent is still the largest consumer of kangaroos in the world. Let us write to the European Parliament to ban this!

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Kangaroos, victims of massive killings

Australia has an ambivalent relationship with its favourite animal, the kangaroo. This national emblem has been associated for centuries as a "nuisance". The Australian government even offers bonuses to get rid of those they associate as a "scourge". The massacres are perpetuated in the wild, preferably at night, during the most intense period of activity for the kangaroos. The little ones, when they are not killed with their mothers in the pouch, end up dying of thirst or hunger. Thus, the kangaroos are extinguished in total indifference.

Even more worrying, if it is the case, is the mass extermination in view of protecting livestock herds or land, in addition to the purely economic argument for hunters. Kangaroo meat is used in food boxes for our pets, often without mentioning it, but is also sold in some restaurants and supermarkets for human consumption. France is one of the main importers of these meat products. This also raises, beyond the ordeal experienced by kangaroos, real questions about health risks. The meat hunted in the desert is then transported for hours without sufficient control or hygiene precautions. The skins, on the other hand, are sold to end up in clothing and sporting goods.

That's what Kate and Mick McIntyre's shocking documentary KANGAROO A Love-Hate Story denounces, revealing the hidden side of this sordid industry that One Voice organized the premiere in France.

First election results: a defeat for kangaroos

The hope that the situation will change has diminished with the outcome of the Australian parliamentary elections of the 23rd March. The Liberal coalition in the state of New South Wales (south-east Australia) won this vote. It has not taken an official stand against these massacres. Let us hope that legislatures across the country will benefit more from the environment and kangaroos in May, when all Australian states will have voted to establish, in addition to members of their Senate, a new government.

Act now!

We call on the European Union to react quickly to preserve these iconic animals in danger and extremely vulnerable. Join with us and write (letter template downloadable) to the European Parliament:

For the attention of Mr Ottavio Marzocchi Policy Department C
Citizens' Rights and Constitutional Affairs
European Parliament
B-1047 Brussels

or to your candidate in the European elections to ban the import of meat, skin and kangaroo fur.

Stéphanie Chemla
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Stéphane | Monday 06 May 2019

Toute cette cruauté... c'est vraiment affligeant...
Lettre envoyée !

Annie | Tuesday 23 April 2019

Je suis affligée d'apprendre le triste sort réservé à cet animal dit nuisible et pourtant emblématique de l'Australie. Ces sordides massacres doivent cesser et l'espèce doit être protégée pour ne pas disparaître si cela perdure.

jacques et Elvire | Tuesday 23 April 2019

Comment peut-on appeler des humains tous ces massacreurs! Les kangourous ne sont pas des nuisibles comme le prétendent tous ces barbares attirés par l'argent! Le pire c'est que l'Europe en fait partie rien qu'en achetant la viande de ces pauvres animaux etc.....!

benjamine | Sunday 21 April 2019

Bonjour, Mr Junker,
La façon dont les kangourous sont abattus est particulièrement cruelle, non sélective et massive.
Cela doit cesser.