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Ban hunting at home? A civic act !

Ban hunting at home? A civic act !

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Your land, your conscience… In France, the uses and the law allow hunters to exercise their right to "leisure" on someone else’s property. The texts are complex, but you can act so that your property becomes a haven of peace for animals. How ?

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It’s a kind of anti-hunting extension of our Arches of Nature, which aims to reclaim our environment, for a richer and more varied biodiversity… One Voice wants to encourage every French landowner to make a sanctuary of their land, without having to endure hunters and their dogs who can freely pass through it to hunt down their victims.

A hunter hunting at your place ...

Because the hunting lobby has nevertheless succeeded in an historic feat of having, in the name of the general interest accorded to their hunting activities, the right to relieve the owners of private land of the power to say no… Since 1964 and the Verdeille law, named after an ardent Senator from the Tarn and who is a hunter, France has enjoyed a special feature. This special feature is from the Communal Hunting Associations approved (or ACCA, which can be intercommunal, or AICA).

Aiming to establish important hunting areas, the Verdeille law obliges small landowners to bring to these associations certain hunting rights linked to their land so that third parties (hunters) can make use of it. The implementation of this law has been special: today it follows that some municipalities are under the ACCA (or AICA) regime, and others are not.

In the first case, hunters can hunt at your place without asking for your permission, but they are however obliged to respect a security perimeter of 150 m around the dwellings. In the second case (excluding ACCA), there is no security perimeter and the hunters will be able to shoot against your garden fence or, if there is no fence, cross it!

What scheme does your municipality depend on? The easiest way is to get information from your town hall.

Thank you, Europe!

You should know that this Verdeille law was modified following an action brought by owners before the European Court of Human Rights, who were successful. Since July 26th 2000, a non-hunter can thus withdraw his lands from an approved Communal Hunting Association subject to making an express request.

If your municipality is outside the Association Communale de Chasse Agréée (ACCA or AICA), you can very simply prohibit hunting at home by affixing, at the edge of the property, signs specifying that you do not accept the practice of hunting on your land.

If your municipality is in the ACCA, as soon as your land is fenced off in a “continuous and constant manner, preventing any communication with all neighbouring land and completely preventing the passage of game and that of man", they are automatically excluded from hunting territory (Article L. 422-10 and L. 424-3 of the Environment Code).

Otherwise, you can also formulate a territorial opposition to the practice of hunting on your land if they is a minimum of 20 hectares in one area (3 ha in the case of marshes, 1 ha for a pond… but at least 100 ha in mountain areas above the limit of forest vegetation). You will then have to write to the prefect of your department (registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt), mentioning the cadastral references of all the parcels concerned (Articles L. 422-10 3 °, L. 422-13 and L. 422- 18 of the Environment Code).

No to hunting, a real conviction!

Fortunately, small landowners can also ban hunting in the name of their personal convictions (Art. L. 422-10 5 °, L. 422-14, L. 422-15 and L. 422-18 of the Code of the environment). But this is a real act of faith because it requires an important formalism.

Here you must send the Prefect of your department a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt stating that you want your land to be prohibited from hunting due to your personal beliefs (see attached standard letter). Please note, this request must be made within a specific period (at least six months before the expiration of a period of five years from the date of creation of your ACCA. Your prefecture must inform you of this date upon request).

In addition to three copies of your request letter, in addition to the cadastral maps and plot numbers of the land concerned, it is recommended to attach copies of the letters that you wish to send to the local hunting society, the mayor and the services. ONCFS premises, to inform them of your decision. Let's be civil ...

Once the ACCA withdrawal is granted, you will be required to place "no hunting" signs along your property lines. Be careful, the law is tenacious: if you sell your property, the new owner will have to confirm within six months the withdrawal of the ACCA, otherwise the land will fall back into the rights to roam, in other words into the bosom of the hunters.

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SAM | Thursday 04 May 2023

Vous avez omis les menaces qui sont assorties au retrait. Vous serez tenu responsable de tous les dégâts susceptibles de la faune provenant de vos fonds (ce qui est impossible à démontrer).
Les chasseurs conservent toujours le droit de poursuivre et de massacrer un animal qui ne vient pas de vous (ce qui est impossible à démontrer). C'est le "droit de suite" d'un animal blessé ou aux abois.
Les chasseurs ne sont pas les seuls "usagers" de la faune sauvage. Les terres devraient aussi pouvoir revenir dans le giron des sniperdimages.
Nous réclamons un droit d'Eden à choisir, pour se substituer au droit de chasse !

sam | Sunday 22 January 2023

En ce dimanche 22 janvier, toute la journée les chasseurs ont tiré en périphérie et a proximité de la maison (entre 200m et 60m) ! Nous avons des animaux domestiques et des petits enfants ! Tous avions très peur des tirs de gros calibre, beaucoup de bruit pan pan pan partout !! Trois petits chevreuils qui nous rendaient visite tous les matins ont été abattus...Triste France des campagnes !! On parle de biodiversité, que les chasseurs sont importants pour l’équilibre de la nature, mais pour nous, là, c'est un fait que ce ne sont que des criminels...Et nous ne sortons plus le dimanche en famille.

steph | Wednesday 17 June 2020

J'ai le projet d'acquérir un bois, pour des promenades ludiques, pour les familles respectueuses. Il est inconcevable que l'on massacre de si beaux animaux surtout dans ces conditions de l'horreur. Je suis une femme mais je vais défendre mes convictions et me battre !

RestVraz | Monday 01 June 2020

Nous allons très probablement acquérir un domaine d’une dizaine d’hectares, constitué de bois et de prairies, traversé par un ruisseau. Hors de question qu’un animal soit blessé ou tué (chez moi). Content que vous existiez !