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At last! The hunting season that never seems to end is over

At last! The hunting season that never seems to end is over

Mis à jour le 15 June 2019

The hunt that is carried out for 6 and a half months finally ends. 18,000 hunts are organized to kill individuals of 6 species: deer, roe deer, wild boar, foxes, hares and rabbits. One Voice has long been calling for the ban on this cruel hunt, as do more than 8 out of 10 French people.

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Like it happens every year, it was not until March 31 that the endless hunting season finally came to an end. For 6 and a half months, no less than 10 000 hunters with dogs, horses and hunting horns have upset the tranquillity of the woods and the countryside. And as if that were not enough, nearly 100,000 followers, such as serfs of the Ancient Regime, attended the sinister spectacle of an animal pursued by a pack of dogs and riders. Cars, mountain bikes roam the forest roads in the hope of seeing a frightened deer or venison.

The entire forest lives in terror

Nearly 900 deer die every year after a long hunt. But also 1200 roe deer and 600 wild boars. It is not only these large animals that excite the cruelty of the huntsmen: more than 200 hunt teams, out of 387 registered, are specialized in hunting foxes (which are tracked all year round, day and night, on land or in their burrows), hares and rabbits!

The hunting society estimates some 18,000 hunts a year. Of course, in many cases the hunted animal manages to escape the pack and its procession of hunters and followers, but many die of stress within hours of stalking.

In addition to the animals killed, this hunt is particularly disturbing for all wild animals. And especially in winter when they need to save their energy reserves, and in the spring when many of them are in the breeding season.

Our leaders are completely offset from public opinion

More than 80% of French people are hostile to this mode of hunting. Yet, despite the many blunders that it generates, hunting is protected by the government and our rulers. France is part of the very closed circle of the 7 countries where it is still authorized. This year, the Ministry of Ecological and Joint Transition even pushed the irony to issue a decree simply preventing the huntsmen from approaching homes, and limiting the packs to 60 dogs ... A cosmetic measure, when we call for its abolition pure and simple.

Sign One Voice’s and its partner’ petition to reform the hunt in depth, and prohibit hunting with hounds !

Naturaliste, conseiller de One Voice Pierre Athanaze
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Madame Loup | Thursday 30 May 2019

Effectivement, nous vivons la chasse comme un véritable calvaire pour tous ces animaux sans défense ! Au nom de quoi, de l'argent ?
Il serait peut-être bon d'arrêter la chasse quelques années, histoire de les faire réfléchir et de laisser enfin la liberté à nos amis dotés de 4 pattes !

claire Ruisseau | Friday 17 May 2019

On dirait que le bon sens tourne à l'envers dans la société actuelle. Toujours dans l'intérêt des mêmes, des moutons de Panurge, ceux qui en veulent toujours plus. Ce qui était logique, devient illogique.
C'est à ceux qui sont de bonne volonté , de dire stop , assez, j'en ai assez et d'intervenir là ou c'est possible !

kirby56 | Monday 01 April 2019

C'est abominable ce concept qui fait souffrir des animaux inutilement ...
vivement que ca s'arrête

Julcie | Saturday 30 March 2019