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Abuse of seven horses: One Voice demands justice

Abuse of seven horses: One Voice demands justice

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Animals deserve respect and consideration! This is certainly not what a man from Val-de-Marne gave in regard to seven horses and ponies. For at least nine days, they were left to fend for themselves in a common area. One of them with an injured leg was not even treated! The One Voice Zoé Unit has intervened and requested their immediate placement into our partner associations shelters. The hearing took place in May 22nd 2019 in Créteil.

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It all started in Valenton, in Val-de-Marne back in November 2017. Lean, hungry, horses were trying to survive as best they could, abandoned on common land. Their only source of food came from a neighbour. She alone watered them and fed them hay, fruit and vegetables when she could. No one else seemed to care. For nine days, an animal was left injured: a poor stallion had cut open his leg, an accident obviously caused by a gutter. The wound was not treated and a piece of plastic was trapped inside. One can only imagine the permanent suffering that this horse must have felt!
In addition, on another piece of land in the same village, a pony was also abandoned. Not only was nobody looking after him, but he was also tethered. Impossible for him to walk or to run, something horses love to do. He remained alone, almost motionless, with no access to water or food.

Deeply indignant of this situation, the neighbour then sounds the alarm. A complaint is filed on November 20th 2017.
The investigation now makes it possible to find the person responsible for this abandonment: a horse breeder. He felt offended and assured us that he could not treat the injured horse, because the latter was "difficult to approach". An unconvincing argument, given that a piece of plastic was stuck in the animal's leg which prevented it from moving normally. Approaching the horse was therefore very easy, he was waiting for that! It seems obvious that this man had no intention of looking after his animals with dignity. Horses would continue to try to survive. Fearing that his horses would be removed, the man then probably moved them to a shed, the location of which we do not know, at least outside of the common ground, all to make it impossible to find them. Justice is running its course today, but the horses are still under the yoke of an irresponsible man.

One Voice therefore brought a civil action against this man for ill-treatment. The Zoé Cell will be at the hearing on May 22nd 2019. These horses must be placed as soon as possible in our partners shelters! So, they will finally receive the love and good care they need and deserve.

Séverine Bazin
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Françoise | Saturday 14 March 2020

Le cheval est un animal magnifique, comment peut-on laisser ces animaux sans soins ? Je ne supporte plus la cruauté de l'être humain

yuma615 | Monday 20 May 2019

Pourquoi prendre et en plus élever ces chevaux si vous n'avez pas les moyens de les nourrir? Je souhaite qu'ils soient donc saisis.

Jo | Monday 20 May 2019

C'est inadmissible de laisser à l'abandon des animaux livrés à eux-mêmes, mon souhait serait qu'on prenne les chevaux du propriétaire et qu'ils soient remis à un refuge au plus vite.Le propriétaire doit comprendre qu'il est incapable de gérer cette situation. J'espère de tout cœur que l'association gagne dans cette bataille pour le bien des chevaux. Merci pour eux .