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A new brand labeled Fur Free Retailer (FFR): Evelyne Prélonge

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Designer Evelyne Prélonge offers decorative items and accessories in faux fur. Their appearance and touch are comparable to real, minus the cruelty. Under the FFR label, her brand is committed to One Voice for ethical fashion.

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After working for nearly 20 years with Haute Couture houses in textile research and innovation, designer Evelyne Prélonge launched in 2008 her own brand dedicated to the world of high-end faux fur. She thus wishes “to offer a quality alternative to real fur and to show that textile innovations can quite find luxury substitutes for animal fur. The weaving as well as the materials used are of high quality, as well as the quality of the work of the material and the finishes testify to a real know-how for a stunning result”. The collections are available for your home (plaids, cushions, rugs etc.), as well as accessories (bags, gloves, collars, etc.). All items are made in France with the greatest care.

© Evelyne Prélonge
© Evelyne Prélonge

For fashion and decor without cruelty

Today, the company goes further by committing to our cause under the label FFR (Fur Free Retailer). We are developing this international program in our country, initiated by the Fur Free Alliance, a European coalition of which One Voice is the French representative. It is aimed at all clothing and decoration professionals who decide to turn their backs on the deadly trade in animal fur. Many brands have already joined this avant-garde approach. They are the leaders of a responsible and ethical fashion in which beauty is celebrated without suffering. You can find them on our dedicated site which also presents the Animal free label (for clothing and accessories without animal material), as well as our One Voice label guaranteeing products not tested on animals.

© Evelyne Prélonge
© Evelyne Prélonge
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More than 1.7 million EU citizens are calling for the closure of animal fur farms and an end to the fur trade Investigation into Finnish fur farms: let’s call for an end to the production and sale of fur in Europe!

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Catherine | Sunday 23 June 2019

Excellent, et beau avec ça ! Bravo !

Isabelle | Thursday 20 June 2019

Merci d'encourager cette belle initiative. Je souhaite de tout cœur que beaucoup d'autres suivent l'exemple !
Bravo !

nathalie | Thursday 20 June 2019

Très bonne initiative .Si seulement tous les créateurs suivaient son exemple ,que de vies et tortures évitées !