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A living nightmare in the Dordogne for "hunting" dogs!

A living nightmare in the Dordogne for "hunting" dogs!

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We knew that hunting dogs were victims of abuse. Here we are witnesses to the refinement of such cruelty! In the Dordogne, our investigators discovered a hundred beings waiting amongst the dead. Despite our alerts, the hunter who exploits them still has his hands free ... We have complained and asked that justice prevails!

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On the surface, there are small whitish looking mounds…. Then bones emerge from the ground. Those of a canine. The earth contains other skeletons ... It is a mass grave. We are in the Dordogne. A breeder of hunting dogs’, who is duly protected by those in high places.

Cruelty in practice

In this kind of farm, a hundred individuals are stored before serving the local trigger-happy lords. Some are tied up in the mud, others locked up with their puppies in vans, others still held in unsanitary premises, when they are not confined in transport cages ... Malnourished, deprived of a free access to water to quench their thirst, piled up in appalling and illegal sanitary conditions, the most fragile do not survive. And their derelict remains serve as meals for their hungry companions.

No to this code of silence!

Faced with this horror, in absolute violation of the law, we immediately alerted the authorities. But, as in the cases of other sites that we are fighting against in the same region, our allegations have remained unheeded. Reason? "No reason to intervene because they are "just" hunting dogs." Yes, plain and simple. Because it appears, once again that, in the minds of some, there are animals deserving of less consideration and rights than others. Especially when they are detained by hunters ... We protest against this bias support and of this tolerated suffering! We cannot let guns rule over the country, nor accept double standards. So, we are bringing this case to court, many videos to support it, so that justice can come out from the shadows! This hunter must answer for his acts of obvious mistreatment (as long as we want to open his eyes), and we urgently demand the precautionary seizure of the victims for which this person is responsible for!

Marie-Sophie Bazin
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Tibulle | Wednesday 25 September 2019

Quid de la saisie de ces pauvres bêtes ? Je voudrais tellement pouvoir les aider et vous aider, vous ONE VOICE, à les sortir de là.

Shaïma | Sunday 22 September 2019

C'est inhumain !
Que cela cesse rapidement !
Des lois existent pour ces pauvres animaux, faisons-les valoir !

lorie | Friday 20 September 2019

Ignominie...Barbarie sans nom...
ONE VOICE peut déclencher les procédures qui s'imposent en extrême urgence et lancer des alertes sur les réseaux sociaux ? Je connais ces circuits de l'omerta mais on finit par les neutraliser... Et impliquer les autres fondations qui peuvent aussi prêter main forte, l'union fait la force.
Et le MINISTRE de l'Agriculture, que fait-il?? Il en est de sa compétence, lui qui affirme haut et fort qu'il se préoccupe du bien-être animal!
Bon courage à vous ONE VOICE et bonne chance dans vos efforts.

Jocelyne | Thursday 19 September 2019

Ces personnes auront un jour ou l'autre le retour de leurs actions.
On juge une nation à la manière dont elle traite les femmes et les animaux.