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A lion cub on the dancefloor

A lion cub on the dancefloor

Mis à jour le 13 May 2020

Getting close to a lion cub in a disco ... For those who dreamed of it, the Deauville "Le Chic" nightclub has done it. We are filing a complaint against the Prefecture of Calvados who has overlooked this scandalous act when it is up to them to enforce the law!

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Having fun with a wild baby lion in a nightclub is so chic, isn’t it? For those who lack original ideas, the disco “Le Chic” in Deauville turns a corner (Since November 2018, the management of the disco has thankfully changed. The new owners have contacted us: their work and investment does not involve animals). On March 24th 2018, the previous owners proposed to their nightclubbers to come dance and sip cocktails with a lion cub. Named as the star of the evening against its will, the little feline was “fittingly” welcomed: delirious fans crowd around it, multi-coloured spot lights full of plums, loud music in its ears... There is no doubt that a small lion sets the atmosphere for sure!

Obvious abuse

The problem is that a baby lion has nothing to do with a night club whatsoever... Is it necessary to remember that its place is near its mother and that being exposed to unknown hands, deafening din and blinding neon lights represent so many extremely traumatic sources of stress? Well yes. Once again, we had to mobilize to remind them that to exhibit a lion in such a place constituted an act of mistreatment affecting, moreover, the conservation of its endangered species. Furthermore, the "Le Chic*" nightclub did not hold any authorization for the presentation of wild animals to the public. It was a circus that was in the region, they were the holders for the lion cub and who had "illegally" obtained it for club.

Who is incriminating ?

But filing a complaint against the circus is not easy. In this case, as in so many others, formally identifying the person in charge involves painstaking investigations in the heart of the jungle of itinerant establishments and numerous approaches to the authorities supposed to supervise them. On March 28th 2018, we sent a letter to the Calvados prefecture to ask them to take up the file and obtain the withdrawal of the certificate of competence from the "owner" of the lion cub and his mother. It was a wasted effort.
While it was their duty and, in their power to intervene, the institution did not feel it was necessary and did not care to answer us… It is therefore against them that we are launching a legal proceeding today. Decidedly unconcerned by the animal cause, they have already declined their presence at the hearing that will be held at the administrative court of Caen on October 3rd at 9:30 am. But of course, we will be there to defend the rights of this little cub!

Marie-Sophie Bazin
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carine | Friday 18 October 2019

C'est inadmissible laissez les animaux tranquille

Jocelyne | Wednesday 16 October 2019

aucun animal ne mérite ce que l'on subir aux animaux.

Paquy | Thursday 10 October 2019

J'ai passé ma jeunesse à Deauville, j'ai fréquenté cette discothèque à l'époque je n’aurai jamais pensé que cet endroit soit lamentable.

mumu | Saturday 05 October 2019

je vous soutiens one voice ! un petit lionceau doit être avec sa mère au lieu de respirer des odeurs de fumées, des odeurs d'alcool, et du bruit ! en discothèque ce n'est pas chic du tout, c'est imbécile !