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40 legalized killings of wolves: One Voice opposes this

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The list of slaughtered wolves continues to grow. 40 is the quota authorized by the government: we are at 19 today. One Voice no longer supports the announcement of all these deaths: stop the massacre of a species already too fragile and put in place solutions respectful of these beings and that of the environment.

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The institutionalized death of 40 wolves

Wolf are you there? Can you hear me? Not sure he is still around, if we take the path of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity, who authorizes in the decree of July 18th, 2017 the "levy" of 40 wolves without distinction of age or gender within French territory. In other words, the annual measure makes it possible to kill indiscriminately about forty individuals of this species in order not to hinder pastoral activities. 19 have already paid the price, there are only 21 left! But finally, what about the 40 or so of an entire population, will you tell us about this?

Wolves: a species to protect

Many, knowing that 300 is the estimate of the total number of wolves in France and has been so for three years.It’s enough that the species passes the 34% mortality mark to stop its population from growing and to begin a downward trend towards its disappearance. And of course, it is to count these deaths without considering the natural and accidental deaths (accidents of the road) of these magnificent animals. Obviously, protecting them should be a priority, but the government does not see it that way.

An ineffective method to protect herds

The ministry preferred to focus on pastoral activities and this is not the first time. Culling wolves is supposed to reduce the damage caused by these predators on sheep flocks. However, today, no figure allows to affirm that the method is effective. According to the ESCo reports, the impact would even be counterproductive. So even if killing a wolf reduces the size of a pack, it does not diminish its hunting territory. And, as a result of the instability generated by the death of one of their own, wolves live in search of empty spaces and form new groups. The damage caused by them is undeniable, but have we thought of more effective solutions?

Alternatives to unjustified killings

Alternatives exist, but before being implemented, they imply "to consider animals other than interchangeable representatives of a species considered homogeneous".

To be clearer, it is essential to study wolves not only in packs but also as individuals in their own right. These sentient animals also have an intellectual complexity and a variety of behaviours with their peers. The size of the territories, the survival of the litters, the dispersion rate of the wolves differs from one group to the another. If we took the time to observe them, it would be possible to learn to send them intelligible messages or to carry out a targeted and non-violent sampling of threatening individuals after a rigorous surveillance.

In the short term, proven prevention methods can be used. They consist of setting up guarding and enhanced surveillance of herds, or investing in equipment for restraint pens.

Wolves: benefactors for the benefit of the ecosystem

In the collective imagination, wolves are associated with animals arousing dismay and fear. However, for those who want to take a closer look, these are beautiful animals with a sense of smell 20,000 times greater than ours, defending their family and managing to unify their pack with nothing but their howling! Wolves are an integral part of our ecosystem and help maintain its balance. On the other hand, pastoral activity is far from being beneficial for the ecosystem: it causes the degradation of high-altitude grasslands, and contributes to the impoverishment of the fauna and flora. Not to mention that it perpetuates the exploitation of cattle, sheep and goats ...

Stop the slaughter of wolves and find more respectful solutions! But before being able to implement alternatives, One Voice appealed to the State Council to demand right now the cancellation of Article 1 of the decree, namely the slaughter of 40 individuals from July 2017 to June 2018.

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Marine | Thursday 05 October 2017

Je ne suis pas surprise lorsque je vois qui nous dirige et le peu de cas déjà qu'ils font de leurs semblables, les êtres humains, pourquoi agiraient ils autrement si ce n'est pire vis à vis des animaux. Et puis il faut bien crier Haro sur le baudet ... ou sur les loups ou les éléphants que l'on massacre aussi au nom de je ne sais quelle écologie, pour calmer la "populasse" ignorante et puis s'ils tirent sur les loups, ils oublieront de tirer sur eux (métaphore), l'espèce de loups la plus féroce

Marine | Thursday 05 October 2017

Il n'ya pas qu'en France que le loup dérange mais aussi en Amérique et c'est Trump qui en est à l'origine, les ours (les chasseurs peuvent même les tuer dans leur tanière pendant qu'ils hibernent avec leurs bébés), les chevaux sauvages aussi. Quels chasseurs, Quel courage. Ici nous avons Macron qui ne cesse de vouloir américaniser la France, tant sur le plan de la santé que du travail des retraites etc. Mais il y a aussi les éleveurs français qui se plaignent. Il faudrait peut être les éduquer et leur apprendre d'autres moyens de protéger le bétail et leur en donner les moyens aussi au lieu de supprimer l'ISFà nos dépends. Pourquoi ne choisirions nous pas la façon dont nous voulons que l'argent qui nous est ponctionné par l'état soit dépensé. J'espère que Monsieur Hulot s'est associé avec ce gouvernement pour avoir son mot à dire, mais lorsque l'on voit cela, je ne sais plus. A moins que sans lui, cela aurait été non pas 40 loups mais 100 loups d'abattus. Mais enfin tout ceci est intolérable

fab | Thursday 05 October 2017

Cessons ce massacre et cette cruauté inutile et abjecte

joss | Wednesday 04 October 2017

Quand l'homme ne respecte pas la nature il ne mérite pas l'air qu'il respire!!!