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2017: Gucci says no to fur!

2017: Gucci says no to fur!

Mis à jour le 25 March 2019

One Voice is pleased to announce that after years of working with their Fur Alliance partners, Gucci has decided to permanently stop the use of animal fur in its collections!

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Long-term work for the Fur Free Alliance and in particular LAV in Italy

It took 7 years of work from the members of the FFA (Fur Free Alliance), including HSUS in the United States and LAV in Italy, to get this beautiful commitment from Gucci! This great fashion name, who initially wanted only to reduce its use of fur and restrict the number of species used, finally decided to sign the fur-free convention of Fur Free Retailer.

A definitive commitment against the use of animal fur

Gucci has chosen to put a definitive end to the use of animal fur from its spring / summer 2018 collection. For One Voice and its FFA partners, it's a huge win for mink, foxes, rabbits and all other animals that will be spared by this decision.

A step closer to an ethical fashion

Gucci joins in our program Fur Free Retailer, major brands that have already committed, such as Armani, Hugo Boss, Franck Sorbier, La Redoute and more than 800 others. Help us grow the Fur Free Retailer network for ethical fashion by passing on this information.

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Hearing on 28 February 2024: One Voice supports the ELLE brand against the furriers' union ba&sh’s animal welfare policy recognised by the Fur Free Retailer programme

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Alice | Saturday 25 August 2018

C'est une EXCELLENTE nouvelle. Merci Gucci.
Je fais mon combat pour la cause animale.

Paola | Wednesday 18 October 2017

Merci beaucoup à Gucci pour ce geste d'humanité. Ces collections seront à présent encore plus belles, car sans cruauté.

arno755 | Saturday 14 October 2017

Laissez les animaux en paix, et les humains changez de comportement.

Hannah | Friday 13 October 2017

Ne serait-il pas temps de devenir... humain ?