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181 dogs and cats rescued: one year later

181 dogs and cats rescued:  one year later

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For the past year, One Voice has been working tirelessly with the authorities to seize two different properties belonging to animal traffickers. One Voice has already rescued 181 dogs and cats from a nightmarish existence, and the case is still ongoing.

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A nightmare for cats and dogs

The situations are dire at the two different clandestine breeding facilities in the South West of France discovered by One Voice. A newly born kitten was found crawling into a litter after falling from a windowsill. A young puppy, just days old, stumbled on the dirty cold ground searching for his mother and a place to warm himself— he was barely alive. Young cats and puppies were locked up in a rabbit's cage. The stench was unavoidable and the air burned our lungs. In these small rooms, animals of all breeds, genders, and ages were packed together like sardines. Almost all of them suffered from scabies, ringworm, keratitis, coryza, and tumors. Some were dying due to a lack of water and sufficient amounts of food. Vaccines, expired medications, ether, and an illegal concoction of homemade euthanasia were found scattered about the facilities.

A long investigation

Thanks to the network of informants and investigators who comprise the Zoe Unit, One Voice was able to track down these horrific facilities. Not only has One Voice coordinated all of these operations, but the organization has also taken care of veterinary fees and the costs of transporting survivors to our partner shelters. Mrs. A, who was already under surveillance, ran the first seized facility— her license to work was taken away by the authorities. However, 40 cats were still reported missing and the ongoing investigation revealed a connection to a second breeding facility, that which belongs to Mrs. G. In order to release the 181 animal victims at the mercy of these two women, Frédérique Dubost, a counselor in the concerned region, needs to approve three seizures (two of which must occur simultaneously).

Judicial proceedings

As a result of One Voice's work, Mrs. G. was charged for animal abuse, neglect, and withholding food and water, although she has appealed this indictment. Investigations are still ongoing due to the elaborate nature of these animal trafficking schemes, which took place across several departments and involved drugs and microchips.

Support the Zoe Unit's fight to end cruelty!

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Peggy | Friday 13 December 2019

Écœurée, inadmissible.....

Anne Marie Jaffrezou | Saturday 11 June 2016

Bravo pour ces actions qui demandent patience et persévérance.
J'ai eu l'occasion personnellement d'assister à une conférence de Nathalie Simon, en partenariat avec One Voice, à Brive la Gaillarde, c'était passionnant.

Merci de faire avancer les choses et d'agir pour la bientraitance.
Aurélie Autran
Educateur canin comportementaliste diplômée d'état.

kamenka | Friday 11 March 2016

Comme toujours courage et ténacité,comme votre travail est important ! Comme toujours.
Tulipe : vous savez les autorités interviennent à peine pour les enfants alors les animaux....!
Bravo pour ce que vous faites.Toute ma sympathie et mon soutien (moral hélas).

coco de nantes | Thursday 10 March 2016

Bravo à l'association qui a permis de révéler ce trafic et ces mauvais traitements.