Stop the training of so-called defence dogs!

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Stop the training of so-called defence dogs!

To the attention of the Minister of Agriculture and Food, and the Minister of the Interior

We, the undersigned,

Considering the violence and trauma of training dog to bite and all the other training activities of so-called defence dogs; Considering the conditions of the detention of these dogs thus trained, incompatible with their well-being; Considering also that this training transforms them eventually into weapons and that they therefore constitute a real danger for society;

Support the request of One Voice to ban training of dogs to bite and all other types of training of dogs under the title of defence.

Stop the training of dogs for so-called defence!

The training of so-called defence dogs for sports or safety purposes is an unacceptable and unnecessary violence: electric collars, sharpened tips, lashes, cables, hanging. And apart from the "training" sessions, dogs are permanently locked up in transport crates, stored in car boots or cellars ...

These dogs are eventually transformed into real weapons. Sentenced to isolation for the potential danger they represent, they have no hope, no respite.

For the dignity of the dogs and for the safety of people, One Voice demands the prohibition of this training to bite and any training activity of the so-called dogs of defence. They are neither tools nor weapons. Respect for dogs!