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Peace for Galeo !

We, the undersigned, ask for the urgent transfer of Galeo into an establishment where he will be safe from constant attack, whilst he waits for a sea sanctuary to be opened providing him with a sustainable home.It is time that the government, inst...

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Stop Angora

We, the undersigned, consider:that the regulations in application concerning the slaughter of these animals are not respected: certain rabbits are killed by receiving a strike behind their head or by throwing them on the floor, particularly during...

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Justice For Maya

To the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron:

Following the appeal filed by One Voice for the elephant Maya, the Judge ruled in favour of the departmental Prefect and the circus.

Would the claims of circus veterinarians be enough to...

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Condemn all violence, regardless of the victims’ species

Animal abuse cases are currently handled by a prosecutor who deals with environmental affairs, rather than one who handles violence against humans. Any individual who commits violent acts against sentient beings, human or non-human, should receive...

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For Valentin, Moana and the rest: close the dolphinariums!

The French senate has adopted the law for the restoration of biodiversity less the amendments related to the closure of the dolphinariums, once again showing its lack of interest to cetacean suffering.Yet the psychological suffering of captive cet...

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Cats & dogs: Our family

Millions of them share our homes with us today. These intelligent and sensitive animals have blessed us with their unconditional love for thousands of years. Yet these individuals are the most exploited and badly treated of all the animals, and in...

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Air France’s third class passengers…

I am shocked to learn that Air France continues to transport thousands of animals to laboratories across the globe.
Sent to a certain death, they will first experience terrible suffering in the name of expensive research that is not applicable t...

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