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Anti-hunting rally in Paris on Saturday 13th October

France has Europe’s biggest hunting problem, and leading the campaign to change that is French animal rights association One Voice, the organisers of this rally. Read on to hear from One Voice’s founder about why urgent action is needed, and how you can get involved.

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France has the largest number of hunters of any European country, with 1.2 million registered. The French hunting season is also the longest, and France has the greatest number of species “approved for slaughter” – a shocking 90, including 64 birds.

Some of the cruellest and most widely denounced forms of hunting – restricted or prohibited in many other countries – continue to be allowed in France, including hunting with hounds. And while the vast majority of European countries designate hunting-free days, in France the massacre continues seven days a week.

French hunters kill 45 million animals a year. And then there are the accidental casualties… We recently covered the cases of a pink flamingo and a mare that were shot and killed by hunters. And just last month a 10-year-old girl walking with her parents in Limoges was hit, and seriously injured, by a hunter who was aiming at a pheasant. Worst of all, silencers can now be used on rifles during hunts, making them more dangerous

And on it goes… The new French Ecology Minister has just enacted 11 decrees authorising the trapping of birds with old-fashioned methods that cause great suffering, including broken legs and torn-off feathers. In fact, since the election of French President Emmanuel Macron, hunters have received nothing but gifts, and the plight of wild animals has never been so precarious, leading to the previous Ecology Minister Nicolas Hulot resigning in protest at the President being in the pockets of the hunters

This, despite the fact that polls confirm the vast majority of the French population is in favour of curtailing the rights of hunters. According to a September 2016 survey, 91% are in favour of a complete reform of hunting laws.

One Voice is campaigning for just that: a radical reform of hunting in France, as a step towards an outright ban. We are demanding – among other things – bans on killing traps, digging out, hunting with hounds, hunting during the breeding season, and hunting in national parks or nature reserves

If you agree, sign the petition and consider attending One Voice’s anti-hunting rally in Paris on Saturday 13th October.
We are delighted that the League Against Cruel Sports is supporting our rally with 40 other NGOs and is also now working closely with us.
We refuse to allow such power to be granted to this 2% of the population in their combat trousers and cartridge belts. These hunters must understand that we will fight them. We hope you’ll join us on October 13th in Paris.

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