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Prada stops using fur while in France we continue talking…

Prada stops using fur while in France we continue talking…

Mis à jour le 04 March 2020

While One Voice has been present for several weeks at the meetings held by the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition to discuss animal welfare and in particular mink farming, the Prada group announces that it will stop using fur.
It is one of the fastest labels known so far to adopt the stance of the Fur Free Alliance, thanks to our unprecedented mobilization!

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A campaign that hit home!

We campaigned along with the public right up to the door steps of the Prada stores, during the Fashion Weeks of Milan, Paris, London and New York last September. We were present on the side-lines of the fashion shows while the biggest names in fashion presented their spring-summer collections. Our simultaneous campaigns all over the world had challenged the leaders of the Prada group on the need to follow the international movement of ethics and respect for animals.

At the announcement of the talks between the Prada group and our Italian and American partners, the LAV and the Humane Society of United States, we stopped all media coverage. The change was underway, it was only a matter of time. Last October, during the biannual FFA meeting in Stockholm, discussions were going well, we knew that the brand agreed in principle. Only the logistical details and the deadlines for setting up remained.

It is now official: at Prada, we will no longer wear fur for the 2020 women's winter collection, in other words, right now!
What a huge victory for all of us at the Fur Free Alliance! Because not only Prada, but all of the other group's brands are committed. So Miu Miu, Church's, Car Shoes and others are committed!

Muriel Arnal, Founding President of One Voice, announces:

« The Ministry of Ecology is still looking for ways to improve the operating conditions for mink in less than a dozen farms in France while a new big brand in the fashion world is clearly positioned against fur! Again, and again, where are the positive actions from the ministry for the planet, biodiversity and animals ? »

Citizen engagement has shown its strength. It is high time that our decision-makers finally realized that producing fur at the cost of sacrificing sentient beings and nature is unacceptable.

Departmental Discussions on the Welfare of Caged Mink

Since the launch of the working groups at the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition, we fear that the discussions will be sterile, while wishing them to be constructive. If it is once again a question of modifying the size of the cages and not putting an end to the breeding of mink for coats, in France, we will let everyone know that this is a complete farce.
We are determined, because both the cruelty of breeding and that of the killings must be exposed.

We did this in 2016 in six French farms. What we found there is no exception, it's the norm! Stress, misery, soil pollution, biodiversity tragedies, etc. The farms must close, in no way must they multiply or be enlarged. Foxes, chinchillas, minks, rabbits and our fellow citizens deserve better! A program of permanent shutdowns must be implemented in the form of a ministerial decree this summer!

Call for a ban on the breeding of animals for their fur in France ! Please sign our petition !

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ba&sh’s animal welfare policy recognised by the Fur Free Retailer programme Fur: more than 1,500,000 signatures to put an end to this industry in Europe!

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Isaline | Friday 07 June 2019

Un grand merci à Prada !!

Il faut arrêter d'exploiter les animaux, il y a d'autres alternatives avec la fausse fourrure tout aussi jolie.

Stéphane | Thursday 06 June 2019

Aberrant l'inaction de ce gouvernement !!
Comment peut-on encore accepter ces élevages qui génèrent autant de souffrance ?!
Il est temps de TOUS les fermer.

Karine et Philippe | Friday 31 May 2019

Il serait temps que le gouvernement se rende compte que nous en avons assez du mépris pour les plus fragiles et vulnérables, nous leur avons montré lors des Européennes avec le parti animaliste, qui est un jeune parti et a tout de même réussi à voir plus de 2%. Nous voulons que le statut juridique de l'animal évolue "PERSONNE PHYSIQUE NON HUMAINE" et que l'abandon, le crime et la maltraitance figurent dans le Code Pénal. Nous exigeons que les peines de prison soient fermes avec interdiction d'avoir des animaux à vie et non des affaires classées sans suite ou des contraventions ou amendes, il s'agit d'êtres vivants dotés de sensibilité. On juge un pays de la manière dont il traite ses animaux.

zazabelle | Friday 31 May 2019

Si vous saviez la peine qu'engendre en moi la lecture de vos articles....
Sommes-nous encore des hommes de Cro-Magnon ?
Bon courage.
Et surtout continuez comme cela.
Je vois un peu de lumière au bout de la route !